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"A finicky, inelegant weapon used by UIR cowards."
Fort Reval military museum plaque

The Mark 1 Markza Marksman Rifle was a semi-automatic rifle manufactured and used by the Union of Independent Republics during the Pendulum Wars against the Coalition of Ordered Governments. It was almost identical to the GZ18 Markza Sniper Rifle, but possessed a shorter barrel, and iron-sights instead of a long-range scope.


The Mark 1 Markza Marksman Rifle was in use by Union of Independent Republics Infantry during the Battle of Aspho Fields. Following the end of the Pendulum Wars, two Markza Assault Rifles were put on display at the Fort Reval military history museum as part of an exhibit commemorating the Coalition of Ordered Governments' victory. The rifle was still in use long after the end of the Locust War.


The Mark 1 Markza is a formidable weapon, capable of downing an opponent in 5 shots, but you'll have to keep your aim true, because the magazine only holds that much. An active reload will reduce this to 4 shots. The weapon's true ability lies in its headshot damage, with 3 headshots capable of killing an opponent, and an active reload reducing this to 2 headshots. The range of the Markza is impressive, but a slight pause between shots is recommended to retain accuracy, especially at longer ranges.


The Markza's execution involves lifting the downed enemy to his knees, flipping the rifle so that the barrel is in the player's hands, and smashing the grip of the rifle into the enemy's head.


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