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Mammoths were massive bridge-laying bulldozers and civilian mining rigs used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. They were extremely useful vehicles due to their ability to immediately deploy pre-built bridges for advancing COG ground forces and act as mobile headquarters. These vehicles were exceptionally large, many times bigger than even an Assault Derrick[1].

As such, Mammoths often rivaled ships in size; despite this, they were capable of moving at high speeds, possessed rapid acceleration rates and were capable of crossing rivers without sinking. Like the smaller Assault Derricks, Mammoths function as a civilian Imulsion rig to either drill or frack for the precious resource; they are given two stabilizer legs to stabilize the vehicle's two massive imulsion drills. They also featured forward-mounted dozer blades, and relied on cameras.



Outside of the drilling equipment, the Mammoth is first and foremost, a multi-purpose rig. The aforementioned bridge-laying and bulldozing shovel can be attached if needed, depending on the situation. Other than this, the Mammoth possess six headlights to allow nightime operations. The onboard cameras provide the Mammoth visual feedback akin to the King Raven while allowing a fully enclosed and armored cockpit, in contrast to the Assault Derrick.

Drive System[]

The superstructure of the Mammoth is divided into five visible decks all resting upon a 16-wheeled drive configuration. Because of its length, the turn radius of the Mammoth is high, making the multi-purpose rig extremely unsuited in urban environments, with the exception of industrial districts that has roads wide and strong enough to house these landships.[2]

Due to its immense size and the presence of wheels rather than tracks, the Mammoth's ground pressure is incredibly high, requiring reinforced and compressed road pavement to prevent the vehicle from either breaking the ground or outright sinking. While the Mammoth could technically go off-road and drive at speeds fast enough to avoid sinking, it is only applicable on solid, stable land. On softer and unstable grounds such as swamps, marshes and sand dunes, the Mammoth is incapable of crossing the terrain as it would not only sink the vehicle but may damage its expensive suspension. As such, the Mammoth is advised to drill only at specific imulsion wells with proper ground clearance.


Mammoth alpha convoy camp.

The first deck of the Mammoth is an entrance deck that leads straight to the second deck. The first deck is therefore the smallest and could be boarded via a ladder.

The second deck presides next to the ship's engines; a walkway with steps leads up to the back of the rig. This level of the vehicle is where the stabilizer legs would unfold when moving and externally house many of the engineering tool boxes and repair equipment needed to maintain the engines and the legs. Moreover, it is where the drill operator controls the drills at maximum efficiency. Entrance to the third deck through the second deck is done through another ladder.

The third deck is much more internal and house many of the storage system the Mammoth would carry. It is also where the crew's sleeping quarters reside in. The walkway of the third deck is much smaller and is there to provide an entrance link between the second deck, the fourth deck and the driver's cabin.

The fourth deck is the 'roof' of the vehicle and is noted for its reclining slope to the back of the rig, creating a 'hump' appearance. As such, the fourth deck is split into two sections: the back of the roof allows the operators to oversee the maintenance and function of the drilling rigs as well as the side cranes to haul cargo, whilst the front of the roof is elevated to allow the operators to scan the geography at a proper height. In times of war, this elevated roof can act as a powerful sniper tower.[3] The fourth deck can be entered through a hatch from the third deck.

The driver's cabin is the last section of the Mammoth. It can only be entered through the doorway at the front of the third deck and through a hatch from the roof of the cabin which leads directly into the cockpit. The driver's cabin itself is large and spacious and house both the driver and the commander of the vehicle.


Locust War[]

Assassination of Ukkon[]

One year after Emergence Day, after the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, a group of surviving civilians led by engineer Mikayla Dorn took shelter on the Mammoth in the industrial district of Aldair, one of the many cities destroyed by the Hammer. They were among the first Stranded, survivors of the Hammer strikes who resented the COG for abandoning and sacrificing them. Shortly after the strikes, the Locust Horde led an assault on Mikayla's Outpost. They were then rescued by Sgt. Gabriel Diaz and Major Sid Redburn and recruited to join them on the mission to assassinate the Locust Horde's scientist, Ukkon. The Mammoth's starter was broken, but Sgt. Diaz was able to fix it.

The Mammoth and the civilians taking shelter on it were relocated to the desert in Vasgar after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Ukkon. In Vasgar, they set up the Alpha Convoy Camp to house the Stranded and members of Alpha-Two and Echo-Five and to also train them for the upcoming battles ahead to destroy Ukkon. The Mammoth was the headquarters for the leaders Sgt. Diaz, Major Redburn, and Mikayla Dorn.

Riverside Skirmish[]

Nine years after Emergence Day, a Mammoth driven by Ailsa was sent to backup squad Foxtrot-Six after they were pinned down by Locust alongside a river. Ailsa used the Mammoth to cross the river and run over the Locust, killing them, and also demolished a bridge they had set up. Foxtrot-Six then boarded the Mammoth and used it to rescue Cpl. Damon Baird, who been wounded and was stuck in the mud on the river bank.[4]

West Barricade Campaign[]

Thirteen years after Emergence Day, two Mammoths were part of the force used to retake the Andius Highway. The Locust forces became pinned between the bulldozers, and any grubs that weren't crushed under their tracks were gunned down by the Armadillos behind the Mammoths or chose to jump over the side of the highway.[5]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Concept art of the Mammoth showed that the driver's cabin was accessible on the first deck, not the third. This was changed on the final release of the game. [6]
  • If calculated via concept art, the Mammoth is 141 feet or 43 meters long.[7]
  • According to Senior Concept Artist, Malte Langheim, the Mammoth is supposed to be a self contained environment that can sustain a small crew, with the drills being a direct homage to the Assault Derricks.[8]



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