Mammoths were massive bridge-laying bulldozers used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. They were extremely useful vehicles due to their ability to immediately deploy pre-built bridges for advancing COG ground forces. These vehicles were quite large; despite this, they were capable of moving at high speeds, possessed rapid acceleration rates and were capable of crossing rivers without sinking. They also featured forward-mounted dozer blades, and relied on cameras.


Riverside SkirmishEdit

Nine years after Emergence Day, a Mammoth driven by Ailsa was sent to backup squad Foxtrot-Six after they were pinned down by Locust alongside a river. Ailsa used the Mammoth to cross the river and run over the Locust, killing them, and also demolished a bridge they had set up. Foxtrot-Six then boarded the Mammoth and used it to rescue Cpl. Damon Baird, who been wounded and was stuck in the mud on the river bank.[1]

West Barricade CampaignEdit

Thirteen years after Emergence Day, two Mammoths were part of the force used to retake the Andius Highway. The Locust forces became pinned between the bulldozers, and any grubs that weren't crushed under their tracks were gunned down by the Armadillos behind the Mammoths or chose to jump over the side of the highway.[2]



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