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The MX8 Snub Pistol[2] was the standard sidearm for Coalition of Ordered Governments armed forces personnel. The Snub has been one of the primary weapons in the COG armed forces' armories, and has been the primary sidearm for the COG's armed forces' personnel for many years. Though it lacked range and power, the Snub's quick fire rate made it reliable in certain situations.


The Snub Pistol was used by the COG military for years, and its reliability was proven many times on the battlefield. It continues to be the standard issue sidearm of Gear soldiers after decades of service. During the Pendulum Wars and later during the Locust War, the Snub Pistol was part of general weapons kit most front line Gears were issued along with Lancer Assault Rifle and the Gnasher Shotgun. It was also carried by many COG officials; even Chairman Prescott carried one as his chosen sidearm.[3]

While most Gears continued to use the Snub Pistol, some Gears were known to loot and use Boltok Pistols from their fallen enemies as they were impressed by the gun's power and design over the Snub's. However, many Gears continued to use the Snub for its high rate of fire and higher ammo capacity.

Damon Baird would later design a successor to the Snub Pistol in the form of the Talon Autopistol.


In Multiplayer, this weapon is extremely deadly when in experienced hands. The Snub is semi-automatic; it fires as fast as the wielder can pull the trigger. If one isn't confident enough in their pistol abilities, the player should use it only in critical fire-fights when ammunition for other weapons has been used up. However it is often useful to pull out the pistol after shooting the enemy once with the Longshot and downing an enemy with only a few shots.

It is also recommended, like with the Gnasher Shotgun, to fire off a single round anywhere to spend the bullet (it is unnecessary to fire more than one round) and perform a perfect reload with the Snub pistol to achieve more power per shot in any fire-fight. The Snub Pistol is also very good at quickly silencing downed enemies at longer ranges due to its moderate scope setting, accessed by holding the left trigger and then clicking down the right thumbstick, when the player does not have a Longshot at hand. In other cases, the Snub Pistol should be saved for one-on-one situations, where the integrated scope and its fast melee can give the user an advantage.

The most common technique with the Snub is the pistol-whip, an extremely deadly and effective attack. Here, the wielder fires two rapid shots into an enemy, quickly following up with a melee swipe. If done quickly enough, a player can down an enemy in a split second (the Snub can melee nearly immediately after firing, which is unique). It is also possible to melee first and then fire, but the general idea is the same. Like the Longshot, Hammerburst II (Except in Horde or Multiplayer), the Gnasher Shotgun and the Boltok Pistol, the Snub Pistol is capable of performing headshots (resulting in the head being completely blown off), but only in campaign and Horde in Gears of War 2. However, it can get headshots in any gametype in Gears of War and Gears of War 3.

In Execution modes, the Snub Pistol can kill a downed enemy from a distance by shooting them in the head, but it may require a few shots.

Gears Tactics[]

The Snub Pistol is carried by all Gears as a secondary weapon. It has better accuracy at long range than most primary weapons and has the Disabling Shot ability which can disable enemy overwatch, albeit with a whopping 8 turn cooldown.

Base Stats[]

  • Damage: 150
  • Crit Chance: 10%
  • Crit Damage: +100%
  • Range: 12 Meters
  • Ammo Capacity: 4

Behind the scenes[]

  • According to the concept art, the pistol's full name is the Snub MX-8.
  • Unlike most real-world pistols, the Snub's magazine is located in the front of the weapon rather than the handle. This is probably because of the large size of the rounds it fires, being too large to fit in the handle.
  • The Snub Pistol is the starting weapon of Jeremiah Keegan in the Escape mode featured in Gears 5.



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