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The Longspear[1] was a Coalition of Ordered Governments Surface-to-Surface/Limited Surface-to-Air, Laser-Guided, Anti-Vehicle Missile Launcher that was capable of eliminating both aerial and ground targets.[2] It was an older-model rocket launcher that was manufactured by the COG during the Pendulum Wars, and was used by Gears of the COG armed forces.

It was intended primarily for dealing with Pendulum Wars-era vehicles, especially armored ground units. The collapse of the UIR and subsequent invasion of Sera by the Locust Horde ensured that the weapon was not very widespread by the time of the Locust War, but was still used on occasion,[3] even during the Lambent Pandemic.[4]


The Longspear is a shoulder fired, single-shot, low-recoil launcher. Rockets are loaded via the front, and the rear of the barrel is fitted with a large exhaust nozzle. Because of the low-recoil design, there is a dangerous backblast zone, more than 20 meters long when the Longspear is fired. The anti-tank rockets it fires are of combination type, using a small powder charge for the initial launch. Once the rocket reaches a safe distance from the shooter - usually about 15 meters - the rocket's engine engages and accelerates the projectile, greatly improving the weapon's range. Because of its long range, it is normally fitted with a low-level telescopic sight, though as a rocket launcher, its accuracy at longer ranges is limited.

The warhead used by the Longspear is a HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) design, that is specifically built to penetrate vehicle armor. The blast tongue of a Longspear is capable of punching through nearly 22 inches of armor, making it extremely effective against heavily-armored enemy units and vehicles.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the Gears of War novel Aspho Fields, it is described as being primarily an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) with limited Anti-Air capabilities (one character comments that they doubt they would be able to shoot down a Khimera Gunship with one).
  • In the Gears of War novel Coalition's End, the Longspear is described as being a 'grenade launcher' as an opposed to a 'rocket launcher'.


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