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A Locust Shell containing a Drone.

The Locust Shells are nearly-indestructible crystalline shells that formed around the corpses of the Locust and the other Hollow creatures in the months following the activation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. The composition of the structure is crystallized Imulsion - broken through the flesh of the Locust from the concentrated Imulsion in their genetics.[1] Due to the impossibility of destroying the shells and the corpses within, the restored Coalition of Ordered Governments ordered thousands of Locust and Hollow creature corpses to be disposed of at numerous ad-hoc burial sites such as Osmium Mine Bravo, the Tollen Dam, the Orzabal Crater, Azura Research Facility and the Kadar Nethercutt Mine.

Gears 4 Locust Shell Crystal

A crystal shard from a Locust Shell.

At some point during 42 A.E., many of the presumed dead Locust and Hollow creatures began reviving and breaking out of their shells which are actually cocoons, precipitating the rise of the Swarm. The burial sites are transformed into Hives which connected the members of the Swarm and are used to gather the humans for podding and transformation into the Juvies and Drones. The creatures such as Scions and Swarmaks had the remnants of the shell crystals erupting from their skin.


Trivia Edit

  • Delmon Walker mentions that if a diamond is shot at the Locust Shell, the diamond will break into pieces.


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