"They got boats?"
"Worse, Gunboats!
—Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago

The Locust Gunboat was a naval vehicle designed and used by the Locust Horde. The gunboats were used to traverse the underground lakes of the Hollow, as well as to patrol the "shorelines" and engage enemies in these areas.


Locust Gunboats are capable of moving at high speeds, and are pulled along by a pair of large aquatic creatures called Manglers. Because of this lack of a conventional engine, the boats make little noise and are capable of moves that normal boats would not allow, such as sideways or diagonal motion.

The boat itself is basically a large metal raft with a small one-man (grub) helm and floodlight at the stern and an open cargo area leaving little cover for the crew. On-board armament consists of one Troika mounted on the bow, and whatever weapons the crew happen to carry.

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

Locust Gunboats were first encountered by the COG when Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago descended into the Hollow from the tunnel network of Mount Kadar. Upon reaching the underground lakes, the Gears were promptly confronted with gunboats and came under suppressive fire from the on-board Troikas.[1]


Marcus fighting off the Leviathan from the boat.

Shortly thereafter, Marcus and Dom hijacked a gunboat of their own after an extended fight across the surface of one of the lakes traveling on a piece of a broken jetty. After fighting off pursuing Locust and plunging down a gigantic waterfall,[1] the two Gears come up against a Leviathan, which kills and eats the boat's Manglers, then attacks the boat itself. After eventually killing the Leviathan, Dom and Marcus reach shore, abandoning the gunboat.[2]

Lambent PandemicEdit

The Locust used these boats to reach Azura during their capture of the island, and to ferry building materials and supplies for the construction of the defensive trench setup on the beach. They were discovered moored on the beach as Delta Squad battled to retake the island.[3]


The Locust's word for boat.



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