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A Locust Barge is a small barge used by the Locust Horde to scout a maritime zone during naval engagements. Consisting of nothing more than a wooden structure and some chains, the Locust Barge is a simple, primitive but effective scouting boat.

The barge is big enough to ferry only two Locust Drones and a couple of Ammo Crates. The crew consist of one spotter and one sailor and the vehicle is pulled by a diminutive and/or juvenile Leviathan. This Leviathan is wrapped by thick and sturdy metal chains to prevent the beast from fleeing as well as forming control over the barge.[1]


Another view of the Barge.

Discovering Azura[]

After a King Raven was being discovered by the Locust Horde, Queen Myrrah had suspicions that there was a heavy human presence that still maintain and construct these vehicles. She than commanded several Reavers to tail behind the King Raven. The Locust than discovered the artificial Maelstrom device surrounding the island of Azura.

Myrrah than sent a Locust Barge to further scout the area when the barge was exposed by a passing King Raven who alerted Chairman Prescott of the discovery.[2] The exposure of the two forces than led to the First Battle of Azura.


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