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These are descriptions of all of the executions able to be performed in the Gears of War series.


Original Gears of War Executions[]

The two special executions below are the Executions performed in the original Gears of War.

Curb Stomp[]

This execution is performed by pressing "X" on a downed enemy. The player's character raises his foot slowly, then slams it onto his opponent's head, crushing it. It is the basic execution in the game.

Chainsaw Bayonet[]

This execution is performed with the Lancer Assault Rifle by holding down B (without being hit by an enemy) and walking up to an enemy. The player's character then activates the Chainsaw Bayonet and slams it against his opponent's shoulder and drags it all the way to the left hip. This is best done as a surprise tactic or by bringing an enemy to their knees, but you should try doing it to unaware enemies to conserve ammunition. Boomers are the only regular enemies you cannot do this to.

Gears of War 2 Executions[]

Gears of War 2 Melee Attacks with the Lancer Chainsaw[]

There are four Chainsaw Bayonet executions in Gears of War 2, each of which is mentioned below.

  • NOTE-You don't need to perform these to unlock the Kick 'Em When They're Down achievement.

Chainsaw from in Front[]

Regular (shoulder to waist): This is the original Chainsaw execution from Gears of War. When the player presses and holds the 'B' button, the character will lift his Lancer up and activate his Chainsaw. When the character gets close enough to his enemy, he will lift up his Lancer even higher and slam the bayonet down on to his right shoulder and keep pushing down through the torso. Then the Lancer rips its way through the enemy's waist and his mangled torso falls to the floor as the player lowers his Lancer.

Chainsaw from behind.jpg


Behind (crotch to neck): This is a new execution in the Gears of War series. In this somewhat more gratifying chainsaw execution, the player does the same thing as the regular execution, but when the character comes up to the enemy from behind, he will throw his Lancer up in the air while at the same time flipping it over and catching it. While it is upside down, the character will then ram the bayonet into the enemy through his abdomen and drag it upwards through the torso until it finally bursts through his neck and the corpse splits into two. The character then flips the Lancer over in victory.

Chainsaw on a Downed Enemy[]

Much like the regular Chainsaw Execution, except that the enemy is on his knees when you perform the execution.

209474-chainsaw duel super.jpg

Lancer Chainsaw Duel[]

This execution is in the form of a mini-game. When you and your opponent raise your Lancers and come together, a cutscene will occur in which you clash your Chainsaws together and duel it out. A prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen to tell you to press the "B" button as fast as you can. Whoever presses the button faster will overpower his unfortunate opponent and send the opponent's Lancer flying, then cut him in half twice as fast compared to chainsawing an enemy without a duel.

Note: This duel can be bypassed if other players are around, killing the foe with any weapon or execution (can be interrupted if another person chainsaws from behind).

In Act 4: Royal Inquisition, the player is forced into three chainsaw duels with Skorge as part of a boss fight. Each victory damages Skorge's Dual Chainsaw Staff and slashes him across the chest. After the third duel, the staff is destroyed and Skorge flees on his Hydra.

Gears of War 2 Executions upon Downed Enemies[]

When an enemy is downed in Gears of War 2, there are 11 special execution moves for the player to use in order to finish the enemy off with style. These executions can be performed on both Locusts and Humans. Performing all eleven is necessary in order to attain the Kick 'Em When They're Down Achievement.

Curb Stomp[]

Main article: Curb Stomp
300px-curb stomp.jpg

This execution is performed by walking up to a downed enemy and pressing "X". It's much like the original curb stomp, except that the player's character flips his opponent on his back then crushes his head.

Triple Punch[]


This execution is performed by walking up to a downed enemy whilst carrying any weapon other than the Torque Bow, Longshot, Boltok Pistol, Boomshield and pressing "Y". The player's character will then flip the enemy onto his back and begin hitting the enemy's face.

Back Breaker[]

This execution is done by pressing "B" on a downed enemy while carrying a weapon other than the Gnasher Shotgun, Longshot, Lancer or Torque Bow. The player will lift his weapon in the air and slam it on the downed enemy's back.

Neck Snap[]

To perform this execution, the player takes a downed enemy as a meatshield by pressing "A", then pressing "X" to grab the enemy's head and snap his neck.

Longshot Sniper Rifle: "Sledgehammer"[]


If the player has the Longshot Sniper Rifle equipped, he can press the "Y" button and the character will flip his Longshot over and grip it by the barrel, then swing the butt of the gun into the enemy, much like swinging a sledgehammer.

Boltok Pistol: "Gunslinger Pistol Whip"[]


If the player has the Boltok Pistol equipped, he may press "Y" when near a downed enemy. The character will then twirl the gun upon his finger and smash the butt into the enemy's head, then do a few more twirls and catch it back.

Torque Bow "Torque-apitation"[]


If the player has the Torque Bow equipped, he may go up to an enemy that is down, then press "Y". The character will hook his Bow around the downed enemy's neck, then kick his back to push his neck onto the Bow, decapitating him.

Torque Bow: "Torque Bow Slice"[]

If the player has the Torque Bow equipped, he may press "B" to slash the opponent using the blades on the Torque Bow.

Gnasher Shotgun: "Golf Club"[]


If the player is equipped with the Gnasher Shotgun and presses "B" next to a downed enemy, the player's character will use the butt of the shotgun to smash the enemy's ribs/head, much like using a Golf club.

Boomshield: "Boomshield Smash"[]

To perform this execution, the player must have the Boomshield equipped. The player then presses "Y" to raise the shield and smash the enemy's spine.

Gears of War 3 Executions[]

Gears of War 3 includes an expanded range of execution capabilities with the new and old weapons in the franchise. Pressing the X button allows you to take an enemy as a meatshield, pressing X again snaps their neck. Tapping Y does a curb stomp and holding Y performs signature weapon executions.

Tearing Arms[]

After two games of trying to get it to work, Gears of War 3 was given an execution that Cliff Bleszinski wanted for a long time. The player is be able take a downed enemy's arm, tear it off, and beat the downed enemy to death with it.[1] There are two versions of this. One of them is where the player tears the arm off, and beats the enemy brutally round the head with it, hitting them once, then raising the arm for another strike. After finishing, the executioner carelessly tosses the severed arm to the floor. In addition to this, you earn extra XP for extending the execution if you keep tapping the 'Y' button. Each time you hit the downed enemy, you gain 9 XP, and the final hit earns you 13-25 XP. The other is slightly different from the first. The Locust hits the downed Gear holding his severed arm with one hand and double slap his head with it, striking down with the arm, then immediately striking up furiously. This variation of the execution is more furious and could be a result of how many times that player has been killed by the player being executed. This can also be extended by mashing the 'Y' button. After finishing the execution, the Locust slams/throws the severed arm at the Gear with both hands as opposed to the primary execution, where it's lightly thrown with one hand.

Face Punch[]

The face-punch execution has returned from Gears of War 2, but this time with a twist. Much like the arm-rip, the player can repeatedly tap 'Y' to continually beat the enemy's face, earning 9 extra XP with every punch. Once the player has released 'Y' or the time limit has been met, the player grabs the victim's "collar" and then crushes the enemy's head with his/her fist, exploding it into a chunky mess of gore and viscera.

Weapon Executions[]

Retro Lancer[]

With the Retro Lancer, one can perform a special roadie run (bayonet charge) by holding B instead of A, where if one successfully runs into an enemy with the bayonet charge, they will stab them in the abdomen, lift them up to allow the knife to penetrate through their back, then throw their corpse to the ground.

The player can also perform an execution that will brutally stab the enemy in the side of the chest under the arm, and then finish him/her by slashing the downed enemy's throat.

This execution can be performed simply by holding Y on a downed enemy while having the Retro Lancer out. While this is possible at any time in Campaign mode, it can only be performed in Arcade, Horde and Multiplayer modes after you unlock it via getting 200 kills with the Retro Lancer in Horde or Multiplayer.


The Scorcher has a new and brutal execution. The player can jab the Scorcher's nozzle into a downed enemy and shoot fire into their body, which causes flames to erupt from their eyes and mouth. If this isn't enough, there's also some screams of pain from the victim as well. The execution doesn't expend ammunition.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Sawed-Off Shotgun[]

The Sawed-Off Shotgun has its own execution, where the player unhinges the reloading catch, wraps it around a downed enemy's neck, then makes a sudden twisting movement at the hips. As a result, it snaps the enemy's neck, with a mist of blood surrounding it.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 200 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Gnasher Shotgun[]

The Gnasher execution is almost identical to the execution from Gears 2, although the player presses the 'Y' button instead of the 'B' button, and no longer moves while executing it.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 200 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Chainsaw/Bayonet Kick[]

A modified execution for the Drudge, the Chainsaw Kick involves chainsawing an enemy, and then kicking them away. This is primarily for the Lambent because the players want to push them away from themselves before the enemy explodes.

One can also do this after Bayonet charging.

It is performed the same way one would do a regular chainsaw kill (holding B near an enemy), but it can only be done to Drudges. Use caution around mutated Drudges, however, especially the versions with the two extended arms, for they can easily use their arms to grab an unfortunate player at melee range before being able to pull off the attack, where they will proceed to literally tear the player apart, resulting in immediate death.


The player performing the execution with the mortar will kick the downed enemy over on to his/her back, then lift the mortar and positioning it so that the barrel points down over the enemy's head. The player performing the execution then slams the mortar down with the right arm, crushing the enemy's skull.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Lancer Assault Rifle[]

The downed player is kicked over onto their back, then the chainsaw bayonet of the Lancer is thrust into the downed player's chest at an angle and activated, resulting in blood and small chunks of flesh being thrown into the executioner's face.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 200 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Digger Launcher[]

The player doing the execution swings the digger launcher under arm, smashing the victim in the face and flipping them backwards. As they're about to land on their back, the player performing the execution boots the victim's head in the temple, causing it to burst into an explosion of blood and brains.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Torque Bow[]

This execution is the same as the Gears 2 version; the player hooks the blade of the bow under the enemy's neck and then stomps on the enemy's head, decapitating the victim.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Bag & Tag[]

This execution is performed after taking a downed enemy for some quick cover as a meatshield and tapping up on the D-pad. This will make the player tag the meat shield with whatever grenade they happen to have in their inventory, then kick him/her towards the enemy, causing them to sort of quickly stumble toward the enemy if there is an enemy you're aiming at within proximity. The idea of this execution is to take out a nearby enemy or to put him at a disadvantage at least if you had a smoke, ink or shock grenade.


This execution move involves the player lifting the minigun, dropping it on the incapacitated adversary's spine, and then the player kneels and harshly knees the enemy in the head, with the minigun still compressing the victim.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.


The player flips their downed opponent onto their back and then brings up the One-Shot as high as possible, barrel facing up. The victim will put their hands over their face, only to have the butt of the weapon crush the unfortunate enemy's head and chunks of skull and brain matter cover the surrounding area.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.


The executioner lifts the Boomshot above the victim and drops it upon the unfortunate victim's back then lifts it again and crushes the victim's head with the large, flat nozzle of the Boomshot.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.


The player who downed the adversary approaches him with the Hammerburst in hand. The dominant player flips the Hammerburst around, stock facing down. He smashes the victim's head with it and then kneels down and repeatedly bashes the enemy's head until it explodes.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 200 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Gorgon Pistol[]

The executioner stomps on the enemy's arm, breaking it, causing the downed player to fall. When he tries to lift himself off the ground, the player stabs the victim's head with the small spike near the barrel of the pistol.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Boltok Pistol[]

This execution is the same as the Gears of War 2 version; the player twirls the pistol amongst his/her finger, then pistol whips the enemy with the butt of the gun. The player then twirls the pistol back into its original position.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.


This execution is the same as the Gears of War 2 version; the player flips the sniper so that the barrel is in the player's hand, then smashes the stock of the rifle onto the back of the enemy's head.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Hammer of Dawn[]

The player holding the Hammer of Dawn near the downed enemy lifts the downed adversary up and puts the weapon behind the enemy's head, right on the spine. The player then knees the enemy's face, dislodging the head.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Butcher's Cleaver[]

The player slams the tip of the blade into the ground next to the downed enemy's head and puts their weight on it to chop the enemy's head, struggling a bit to cut through the enemy's spine.

When using this execution in Horde or Multiplayer, 40 kills with this weapon is required to unlock it.

Fire Extinguisher[]

The player will take the tank of the extinguisher and repeatedly slam it into the downed enemy's head, crushing and exploding the downed enemy's head, similar to the Hammerburst's execution.

Elite Sawed-Off Shotgun[]

Identical to the Retro Lancer, the Elite Sawed-Off Shotgun lets the player bayonet charge at an enemy by holding the B button. Successfully bayonet charging into an enemy will stab them, lift them up, and automatically pull the trigger on the gun, resulting in the victim being blasted into two pieces. Like the Scorcher, the execution doesn't expend ammunition.

The execution performed on a downed enemy by holding the Y button is the same as the original Sawed-Off Shotgun.

The Elite Sawed-Off Shotgun is only available in RAAM's Shadow.

Character Executions[]

Wild Ticker[]

Going up to a downed enemy while playing as a Wild Ticker in Beast lets the player finish them off by eating them.

General RAAM[]

In RAAM's Shadow, General RAAM has a special execution with his serrated sword where he picks up a downed enemy by the head and decapitates them with the sword, throwing their head over his shoulder afterwards.

RAAM can also bayonet charge with his serrated sword similar to the Retro Lancer, but with much less effort.

Gears of War: Judgment Executions[]

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In Gears of War: Judgment, executions were almost exclusive to the campaign, since in multiplayer the players couldn't be downed, with the only exceptions being both Lancer bayonets. However, this was changed when the Execution gamemode was added to the game, giving out more opportunities for executions.

Regarding executions themselves, most of the executions are the same as Gears of War 3, though with new executions added to accompany the addition of new weapons. The only exception to this is the curb stomp which was made unavailable for players, although bots are able to execute it.


The executioner holds the Markza by the barrel and backs away slightly from the victim, takes some impulse and finishes off the victim by swinging the weapon upwards against the victim's chest, much like a golf club, impulsing them off the ground


The executioner kneels behind the downed enemy, brings their hands, along with the Booshka, to the victim's head and, with a quick movement, snaps their neck with the weapon before dropping them to the ground.


The executioner kicks the downed enemy, forcing them up to their knees, quickly takes grip of the weapon's barrel, and slices the victim's neck with the weapon's bladed pommel, decapitating them as their corpse falls to the ground.

Tripwire Crossbow[]

A campaign-exclusive execution, the executioner stomps on the victim's back, brings one of the arms of the crossbow to the victims neck and starts pulling back as the victim brings their hands helplessly to their neck, before brutally ripping their head off along with a mist of blood.

Gears of War 4 Executions[]

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Gears of War 4 introduced the new concept of CQC (Close Quarters Combat) which allowed for players to pull unaware foes to their side and leave them vulnerable for a CQC execution with the Combat Knife. This tweak was also added to the mantle kick. Gears of War 4 also introduced many new weapons and tweaked several executions.

Close Quarters Combat[]

There are different executions that can be performed with the Combat Knife that vary depending on where the player is situated in relation to an opponent, which are listed below:

From the Front[]

  • The executioner stabs the victim on the left side of the chest twice and lets their corpse fall.
  • The executioner directly stabs the victim in the forehead and violently pulls the knife out.
  • The executioner slices the victim's neck to the left and then stabs them in the side of the head to the right.
  • The executioner stabs the victim below the chest and pulls up, cutting the chest with the knife in the process, then pulls the knife out and stabs the victim's forehead.

From the Side[]

  • The executioner stabs the victim in the belly and then in the lower jaw, piercing their brain, then quickly pulls the knife out.
  • The executioner directly stabs the victim in the lower jaw, piercing their brain and face, then pulls the knife down fiercely.
  • The executioner stabs the victim on the belly, lifts them up slightly and then lowers them to the ground, freeing the knife.

From the Back[]

  • The executioner kicks the victim behind the knee, forcing them to kneel, and stabs them in the head swiftly.
  • The executioner puts the arm with the knife around the victim and, as they try to struggle out, slices their throat swiftly.
  • The executioner stabs the victim on the spine and, as they lower down due to the impact, stab them on the spine again, this time behind the neck.

Beatdown (Swarm Version)[]

Unlike the Locust arm rip execution, the Swarm characters kick their victim's back, forcing them on the ground, then grab them by the shoulders and begin to beat them, face-first, against the ground multiple times. As with the beatdown in the other games, one can mash Y to extend the length of the execution. It ends with the executioner crushing the victim's head on the ground with one mighty blow.


The executioner lifts the victim slightly by the back, puts the Overkill down, places the victim's head on it and then proceeds to stomp the head, splattering chunks of flesh and blood everywhere; shortly after, the executioner picks the Overkill back up.


The executioner puts themselves above the victim and shoves the Dropshot's muzzle into their head, lifting them up. As the victim puts their hands to their head in pain, the executioner shoots, bursting the head into gore and launching the corpse away.


The executioner kneels behind the victim and brings the Enforcer's back to the victim's neck and starts pulling back by the muzzle and stock, slowly and brutally tearing the victim's head apart.


The executioner puts themselves behind the victim, grabs them by the back and forces them up to their knees and then proceeds to grab the Markza by the barrel and hits the victim's head with the butt of it, crushing their skull into bloody bits.


The executioner flips the victim by kicking them and shoving the Lancer's chainsaw bayonet into their abdomen and cutting through it, getting some bits of flesh on their face, and then cut the victim in half, liberating the Lancer.

Retro Lancer, Longshot, Boltok[]

These executions remains the same as in Gear of War 3; however, their heads explode into viscera and brain matter instead of leaving the corpse unaltered.


The executioner hits the victim's back with the EMBAR's stock, then puts themselves on top of the victim, hitting their head twice, with the final hit shattering their head into gore.


The executioner steps on one of the victim's legs, severing it and causing the victim to flinch upright, and then hits the victim's head with the Gnasher's front, decapitating them with the strength of the blow.

R4 Salvo[]

The executioner puts himself on top of the victim, lifts the R4 Salvo in the air slightly and then brings it down onto the victim, cutting them in half with the weight of the weapon.


The executioner brings the Tri-Shot's barrels to the victims head, crushing it into gore, and pre-spins them, shredding the victim's corpse in pieces.


The executioner lifts the Buzzkill up and then shoves it into the victim's back, activating its saw and cutting the victim in half.

Campaign-Specific executions[]

In Campaign or Horde, specific enemies can be executed under special circumstances.


Two executions can be performed on the Pouncer, both involving the chainsaw.

The first can occur while the Pouncer is on the ground, whether the player has just evaded its pounce or has kicked it off of another player. The Pouncer will be stunned for a very short time, during which the player can rev up their chainsaw and execute it. The player will shove their chainsaw into the Pouncer's glowing belly and proceed to cut through it with difficulty.

The second can occur when the Pouncer is pouncing and the player has the chainsaw revved up. If they connect, the character will impale the Pouncer on the chainsaw bayonet and start cutting through them, cutting them in half; this, however, is hard to see due to how quick it occurs and since the body explodes shortly after.


When controlling a Construction Mech during the level Gate Crashers, the option to execute Swarmaks is introduced. When executed, the Mech will grab the Swarmak by the head and force it down; it roars menacingly in the ground which the Mech takes advantage of by grabbing their jaw and dislodging it with a mighty pull, splattering a lot of blood and killing the Swarmak which explodes shortly after.

Hive Beast[]

On its first phase, the tentacles on its back must be "executed" by stapling them into the ground with mech's staple gun, and when the beast attempts to crush you with the tentacles, it forces the beast to rip it off in an attempt to free it. On the second phase, the arms must be "executed" by forcefully ripping them off with the blades of the fallen chopper, after they fail to crush you. After doing this with both arms, the player can then execute the beast, driving the chopper's blades into the beast's head. It flails in pain while splattering blood and then falls close to the Mech, letting the player appreciate the cut up head and brain. Shortly after, the beast falls down the hole it came from.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Locust Horde was supposed to have an entirely different type of the Triple Punch execution in which they would rip the enemy's arm off, then beat his face with it. It was cut out due to timing issues in Gears of War 2, but makes its debut in Gears of War 3.
  • There is a glitch where if you change weapon just before pressing the "Y" button next to a downed enemy, you can perform a unique execution, e.g.: if you are holding a Boltok Pistol and press up on the D-pad and the "Y" button, you perform the Boltok execution with a grenade