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Lily was the daughter of Blake and Emma, and lived with them in the Stranded settlement of Fucked.


Living in Fucked[]

Lily lived with her parents, Blake and Emma, in the Stranded settlement of Fucked. The town was raided by Locust Drones for supplies, and her parents went to Montevado for help, but felt it was to dangerous for Lily and left her in Fucked. After Delta-One arrived in Fucked and killed the Locust, Pvt. Jace Stratton convinced Sgt. Marcus Fenix to take Lily with them on their Mission to Montevado and see if they could find her parents.[1]

Traveling with Delta[]

On their way there, Jace talked with Lily and promised to rescue her parents. When the squad's APC was damaged by the Locust, Lily stayed in the APC while Delta fought them off. However, when a Brumak attacked them,[1] Lily was trapped in the APC and Delta was cut off from her. When Sigma-One arrived in their Centaur, Marcus tied the APC to it and had Delta board the Centaur. Jace was worried about Lily's safety, but the two squads escaped the Brumak and Jace found Lily safe and sound in the APC. She then went with Sigma to Jacinto City, after Jace once again promised to rescue her parents.[2]

Lily with Jace and her mom in the hospital.

Reunited with her Mother[]

Jace rescued Lily's mother from Montevado, but her father was killed and Emma's hand had been biten off by a Wretch. Lily would stay at the orphanage with the other children as her mother was getting treatment at the Hospital, which she and Jace would visit.[3] She received the same toy that Jace had when he survived E-Day.[4][3][5] Three months later, she remained at the orphanage while her mom remained in a coma.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

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