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The result of the Lightmass Process.

The Lightmass Process was a refining process that turned Imulsion into a usable fuel. Imulsion was once merely a scientific curiosity until Dr. Helen Cooper was the first to unlock the substance and extract a nearly infinite amount of energy from it.[1] The Lightmass Process then allowed humanity to end their dependency on fossil fuels and enter the Golden Age. Shortly after, however, was a series of global conflicts with Imulsion at its source, such as the Pendulum Wars, Lambent War, Locust War, Lambent Pandemic, and Swarm Invasion.


Discovery of Imulsion[]

Throughout the Era of Silence, limited energy resources placed the planet in dire need of an efficient energy source. A well digging expedition uncovered a purposeless yellowish liquid - a scientific anomaly, which was called Imulsion. It remained untapped until the research of Dr. Helen Cooper enabled the development of the Lightmass Process.[1]

Helen Cooper[]

Remaining at the head of the research into Imulsion, Dr. Cooper perfected the Lightmass Process, turning Imulsion into large quantities of usable energy. The Era of Darkness was overcome by this discovery and the balance of power rapidly shifted in favor of those few countries possessing Imulsion. Imulsion replaced oil and solar energy within a decade, ending the crisis and catapulting the planet into a brief golden age. However, this boom was short-lived as speculation in the Imulsion market ruined the global economy.


Like Crude Imulsion, refined Lightmass retained a yellowish, fluid appearance. It came to power most motors in a combustive manner, similar to gasoline derived from petroleum. Unlike Imulsion, Lightmass did not cause adverse health effects and was marketed as being more environmentally friendly than oil or uranium. Since King Ravens (which by assumption run on Imulsion based fuels) retained operation after the deployment of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, it can be assumed that, while the Weapon eliminated all Crude and Mutational Imulsion from Sera, it did not eliminate the refined Lightmass.


Like traditional petroleum, Imulsion required a significant process to convert it to usable Lightmass. Large refineries were likely converted to handle the new energy resource. It is possible that the Lightmass Process works by (unknown by scientists until the discovery by Adam Fenix) killing the living organism that is Imulsion. If this is true, then the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon may have more simply converted all of the Crude Imulsion on Sera into Lightmass, killing the organism along with all infected lifeforms.


With Imulsion now the main fuel source of Sera, the planet energy crisis ended, though two factions continued to fight over the new fuel source. The Coalition of Ordered Governments and Union of Independent Republics took part in a 79 year long war called the Pendulum Wars.