The Light Armored Vehicle, or LAV, was an armored vehicle and a infantry fighting vehicle used by the UIR. It was seen in action at the Battle of Aspho Fields.


Battle of Aspho FieldsEdit

During Operation Leveler, when C Company landed onto Aspho Fields, the UIR made a counterattack against them with Asp Anti-Air Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers and Light Armored Vehicles. A total of eight LAVs were deployed during the battle. The LAVs and other armored vehicles made an offensive against the GOG, and a battle ensued. The COG naval ship Merit soon launched two Petrels into the area, and when the two COG Petrels attempted to destroy LAVs, the Asps shot them down. Later, one of the Asps was destroyed by Major Stroud, and then Corporal Fenix commandeered the remaining Asp and destroyed some of the remaining LAVs, Khimera, and fired on the UIR troops; this changed the course of battle in favor of COG forces, and cleared the way for King Ravens and Petrels. The King Ravens extracted all of the Gears, while the Petrels took out the Aspho Point Research Facility and all UIR military bases and facilities in the area. The COG had won the battle.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • One of the concept art made by Gears of War concept designer Carlo Balassu, showcased a UIR vehicle that bares the IFV traits of the Light Armored Vehicle. These vehicles had a large armored glass cockpit and a single machine gun turret, with the same half-track profile as the UIR APC. [2]


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