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The Lesser Islands Free Trade Area was a major Stranded power fifteen years after Emergence Day, and was based out of the Lesser Islands chain. It was led by Chairman Cormick Allam until his death in 15 A.E. at the hands of Darrel Jacques, a Stranded gang leader waging war on the LIFTA.


Early History[]

The Lesser Islands Free Trade Area was a Stranded organization founded sometime after Emergence Day, and Cormick Allam came to power as the Chairman.[1] Jonn Massy was one of its leaders,[2] and at some point he and Allam angered Darrel Jacques by stiffing him over a payment, causing him to swear revenge on the entire LIFTA.[3]

Encounter With the COG and Jacques' Revenge[]

"Fifteen down, a few hundred to go."
—Darrel Jacques, after capturing two LIFTA boats and executing Chairman Cormick Allam

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, the COG was forced to sink Jacinto, and moved to the island of Vectes. They captured Massy, who Sgt. Bernadette Mataki identified as one of the three Stranded who had raped her during her journey across Sera. When the LIFTA learned he had been captured, they sent a messenger to Vectes to ask for a meeting on the high seas to negotiate his return in exchange for avoiding COG territory. Capt. Quentin Michaelson agreed to the meeting, intending to have the CNV Clement follow the LIFTA ships back to their home base.[4] Allam sent the COG a message telling them where the location of the meeting was to be, and that each side would bring only two ships. However, the LIFTA boats were ambushed by Jacques' ships, and all of the crew were killed except for Allam, whom he tourtured. When the COG arrived, Jacques executes Allam, and tells the COG he will be wiping out the rest of the LIFTA. He agrees not to attack COG shipping, and they hand over Massy to him, and Jacques begins tourturing him as well. However, Jacques and Massy are killed when Jacques' ship is destroyed by the Zephyr.[5]

Known Members[]


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