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"The Swarm Flock - a flying group of Swarm Leeches - will be your worst nightmare."
—Official Gears 5 statement.

A Leech is a type of creature found within the Swarm. They are capable of flight and hunt in packs. They also have the ability to subvert COG technology such as the DeeBees, creating Rejects, Stumps, and Bastions. When it comes to humans, a single Leech will either explode on contact or burrow into the chest of a human and expel right back out, killing the host. When hunting in packs, the Leeches are called a Flock.

On their own, a single leech is not a threat and can be easily dispatched with a few shots. Instead, they act more as nuisance from the much larger and more dangerous flock. There is a quicktime event in which a leech (if it gets a hold on the player) would try and burrow into the player's chest. If he/she fails they will die a gruesome death.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • While a leech craws on the ground, it is unknown how a flock of them could fly given the lack of any gaseous buoyancy as seen from a Gas Barge and a Reaver.
  • Their name and way of attack (burrowing through the chest) could be a reference to the Heart Leech found in the Outer Hollows.
    • They could even be the Swarmified decedents of a Heart Leech.

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