A photo taken by a Gear stationed at Learan Prison of several abused prisoners and a smiling guard.

"Of course you are, COG. Nobody at Learan Prison held my arm on a hot plate. Your kind would never do such a thing. And half my regiment weren't starved to death either."
—A Gorasni captain who survived Learan Prison to Dominic Santiago, after he claimed that the COG had not committed any war crimes

Learan Prison was a Coalition of Ordered Governments prisoner of war camp that was operated during the Pendulum Wars. It held prisoners from the Gorasni army, who suffered abuse at the hands of the Gears guarding the facility. Some prisoners were burned with hot-plates, while others had their hands cut off. Half of a captured Gorasni regiment starved to death within the fort's walls. The Gorasni soldiers who survived their time in the facility carried scars with them for the rest of their lives, with some holding a grudge against the COG for their horrific treatment. The COG government never told its civilians or the rest of the armed forces about the war crimes committed against the Gorasni, with details about Learan Prison only coming to light during the Stranded Insurgency on Vectes, when the remnants of the Republic of Gorasnaya joined the COG on the island. One survivor of the prison showed photos of the crimes there to Sgt. Marcus Fenix, who was horrified at what the Gears there had done.[1]


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