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Last Day COG Tag Containing CSID Code

CSID Entry Screen

The Last Day was a viral promotion of Epic Studios for the award winning game Gears of War 2. The Last Day site allows the player take control of a JACK unit and you are allowed to move across (scripted) the destroyed city of Tollen and are able to click on 26 different tabs and several Omen symbols spray painted on the walls of the city.

The marketing campaign required users to find or be given COG tags and to input the CSID on the tag into the Last Day site. The COG tags were sent to people in the media and a number were planted in major cites across the globe. Several COG tags are still at large and have not been found.


The Last Day features 26 Tabs; these are in the form of blue lights around the side of the users visor. Each tab has one interactive element within it which features information regarding the COG's struggle against the Locust Horde. You can cycle through these tabs in any order jumping to any at will.

  • The first tab shows a satellite dish which may have been from a home or a broadcasting station. Closer inspection of the dish triggers flashbacks of E-Day showing the Locust onslaught against the people of Sera.[1][2][3]
  • The second tab displays an arcade cabinet with the word "Shooter" across the top in stylised letters. Closer inspection reveals images of Locust and COG soldiers. This is potentially concept art for Gears of War or Gears of War 2.[4][5][6]
  • Wheelchair: Shows security video of an empty Hospital with audio[7]
  • Phone: Overloaded COG emergency services from Emergence Day, made by contest winners[8]
  • King Raven: Black box with audio of Pilots and civilians conversation[9]
  • Closure: Shows Marcus reboots JACK, and EPIC give thanks to all Gears fans that took part in the Last Day Promotion[10]
  • Body: Funeral of unnamed Gear[11]
  • Fueling Station: Echo-10 Squad overrun and request the Hammer of Dawn on their location[12]
  • Message Broad: Various letters ranging from missing persons to a lost dog[13]
  • Resonator: Sgt. Kennel and his squad are stuck in the Hollows when the Lightmass Bomb goes off[14]
  • Stop N Go Diner: Gears watch Stranded as they raid a food stockpile while Wretches move in on their position[15]
  • Mural: Sgt. Gunnar Petterseen's Mural and his Martyrdom[16]
  • Leaflets: COG propaganda proclaiming that the war is over[17]
  • Time Capsule: Fallen Gear leaving a message for his unborn son[18]
  • Billboard: Shows the sinking of Tollen city[19]
  • Lancer: Lancer assault rifle left behind in Tollen city shows the number of chainsaw kills; 23 kills[20]
  • Posters: Indoors of a COG recruiting center while an unseen street battle rages and a Berserker can be heard[21]
  • Overpass: A seismograph goes off the wall while Tollen sinks[22]
  • Letters: Families staying in Tollen send letters to loved ones serving in the COG army[23]
  • Journal: Gear's war journal reflecting on the last 15 years[24]
  • Heart Monitor: A Gear flat lines while COG propaganda asking for blood donations[25]
  • Helmet: A Gear's COG orders for first day of duty[26]
  • Derrick: A COG Derrick interaction[27]
  • Longshot: Cole shoots all the flowers except for the last one[28]
  • Ammo Case: Shows various standard issue bullet ammunitions[29][30]
  • Flag: Chairman Richard Prescott giving a speech before Operation: Hollow Storm begins[31]

Last Day Omen

Crimson Omens[]

  • First Omen is before Tab 4 Phone
  • Second Omen is on the fueling station at Tab 8
  • Third Omen is on the fall behind the fallen overpass
  • Fourth Omen is on a broken wall at Tab 19
  • Fifth Omen is next to the Longshot Sniper Rifle at Tab 24


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