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The Lancer GL Assault Rifle was the tactical variant of the Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle  designed by Damon Baird in the early stages of the Swarm War. It is designed for more intense firefights and as a more portable and tactical form of artillery compared to the bulkier and larger Mortar.

Compared to its standard counterpart, the GL model replaced the chainsaw bayonet with the under-barrel mortar capable of firing laser-guided clusters of micro-grenades. Rechambered for a smaller cartridge, this variant also offered the user a much larger magazine and higher rate of fire.


Compared to the more normal Lancer, the GL variant is designed to harass large groups of enemies due to its grenade launcher. The GL Lancer is a versatile weapon like the Mark 3, with the primary weapon being good for suppressive fire at close to medium range whilst its secondary grenade launcher makes it extremely dangerous at longer ranges.

The grenade launcher itself offers a unique form of targeting, in which the user flips the weapon on its side to activate a laser designator. Whilst accurate aiming is more awkward and based more on distance estimation in contrast to the more precise targeting reticle of the Mortar, the rocket-propelled grenade allows it to reliably hit targets at longer ranges both in-door and out-door. The grenade clusters itself is a dangerous weapon that could easily kill an entire squad as it is killing yourself when fired at close range. The deadly burst fires many grenades for maximum leathality. The gl has a higher rate of fire than the regular lancer.

Unlike the Mark 3 Lancer, the Lancer GL starts at 160 rounds, less than the 180 found on the normal lancer. Due to having a slightly larger clip size, it could carry a little more maximum ammunition, although it has a limited amount of grenades (440 rounds and 3 grenades). This means that while the grenade launcher is powerful, its limited ammunition restricts its usage to target only grouped enemies.


The weapon's execution revolves around lodging the grenade launcher on the back of a downed opponent before launching the grenade. The grenade would than careen the opponent around the map before exploding.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Lancer GL is a spiritual successor of the Mortar, given the cluster ammunition and artillery mechanic.
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