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"Let me get this shit straight. The regular Locust are fighting the glowin' Locust? I thought they were all on the same side."
Augustus Cole, after seeing Lambent attacking Locust inside Nexus

The Lambent Grenadier was a Locust Grenadier which has endured a prolonged exposure to Imulsion. Despite the horrid mutations, the Grenadier's aggressive instincts and preference fro close-combat remains intact.[1]


A dead Lambent Grenadier inside Nexus.

Civil War and Hollow Storm[]

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Lambent Pandemic[]

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Lambent Grenadier Gallery[]


  • The Lambent Grenadier and Lambent Grenadier Elite were added to Gears of War 4 as multiplayer character skins that represent their Gears of War 2 debut appearances.
  • A heavily mutated version of the Lambent Grenadier made it's series and multiplayer debut as selectable Multiplayer Character's in Gears 5 as part of the Lambent Pack Bundle during Operation 5 Hollow Storm.
  • The heavily mutated Lambent Grenadier also made its debut as a Horde enemy type in Gears 5, they are equipped with Gnasher Shotgun's and have the ability to explode on death like the Lambent present in Gears of War 3.

Behind the scenes[]



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