"Oh terrific. He's gone glowie. Look."
—Baird to Cole, after encountering a Lambent bull

Lambent Bulls were normal bulls infected by Imulsion and turned Lambent, and were capable of great speed. Along with Lambent Dogs, Lambent Bulls proved Damon Baird's theory that Lambency was capable of jumping the species barrier.


Incident at the Vectes Imulsion FieldEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, whilst protecting the Imulsion drilling site on the island of Vectes, Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole spotted a bull belonging to Seb Edlar that had gone missing during an earlier battle. After realising that it had gone Lambent and needing to get it as far from the drilling site as possible before detonating it, Cole got the bull to chase him until it was far enough for Baird to shoot it. However, Borusc Eugen, a Gorasni working at the drilling site, inadvertently got the bull's attention, causing it to change direction and charge him. Before anyone could open fire on the bull, it rammed Eugen full in the chest; detonating, and completely fragging Eugen.[1]



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