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The La Croix University was a notable university in Pre E-Day Sera.[citation needed]


Pendulum WarsEdit

Anti-war demonstrationsEdit

A large number of students who went to the university started anti-war demonstrations. Many of these students held much anti-war resentment against the Pendulum Wars, and argued that Gears, a slang term for soldiers of the COG Armed Forces, were "baby killers."[1]

Defense Procurement SeminarEdit

Professor Adam Fenix lectured at the La Croix University to Defense Procurement Executives at a seminar during the Pendulum Wars. He gave a thesis and a speech on how the COG's Armed Forces should put its attentions beyond land warfare and land forces and expand out into other areas, such as the intelligence community, special warfare and special forces, amphibious forces and the Navy.[2]

Known ProfessorsEdit

Professor Kurt Elliott also taught here before joining the military. He was the inventor of the Lightmass Missile, and Damon Baird worked for him while he taught here.[3]


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