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"Kurt Elliott was a friend of mine. What happened to him?"
"He no longer liked his options. I don't blame him.
—Col. Ezra P. Loomis and Pvt. Garron Paduk during the former's tribunal

Professor Kurt Elliott[2] was a professor that worked in the Halvo Bay Military Academy, and developed the Lightmass Missile. He was the husband of Nora Elliott and had two children.


Work on the Lightmass MissileEdit

Professor Elliott was the developer of the Lightmass Missile. He also designed the missile targeting beacon built into Troy. His weapon was eventually used on the UIR nation of Republic of Gorasnaya. After the Hammer of Dawn was developed, the Lightmass Missile was replaced. Professor Elliott worked with a young Damon Baird in La Croix University and had an affair with Cadet Sofia Hendrik.[3]

Death and LegacyEdit

Professor Elliott died in his home when it was overrun by Locust. His body was found over a computer console replaying a distressful message from his wife, Nora Elliott, who was in danger from the Locust. He apparently committed suicide when his family seemed likely to die and his home was being overrun.

After his death, Kilo Squad traveled to Professor Elliot's home to get the launch codes for the Lightmass Missile to try to use it to kill Locust General Karn. The squad found Professor Elliot's body and were upset by it, particularly Sofia. Even Private Paduk who had been personally harmed by one of Professor Elliot's Lightmass Missiles showed sympathy for him. Paduk later reported Professor Elliot's death to his friend Colonel Ezra Loomis during Kilo Squad's trial. Kilo Squad was eventually able to use the Lightmass Missile on the Museum of Military Glory, apparently killing Karn alongside hundreds of other Locust.



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