"Relax, Lieutenant. Still hours before the damn Kryllstorm hits the city."
—Cpl. Michael Barrick to Lt. Minh Young Kim during the Evacuation of Ilima in 9 A.E.

Kryllstorms were a phenomena created by the Locust Horde to occupy Seran cities. During the Locust War, the Locust Horde would use Seeders to fill the skies with Nemacysts to dispel ink in order to prematurely launch the Kryll, ravenous bat-like creatures that were sensitive to UV light, in the daylight - allowing the Locust to eradicate nearly all human life and occupy the city much faster.


Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

Siege of Ilima CityEdit

Bombing of Timgad ValleyEdit

Known KryllstormsEdit



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