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"What the hell is that?!"
"Oh that? Just an old friend of ours!
—Sgt. Clayton Carmine and 1st Lt. Fahz Chutani during the Battle of Old Ephyra

The Kraken was a massive burrowing creature that came under the control of the Swarm in 42 A.E. presumably through mindjacking via Leeches as a Flock exist within the tentacles of the Kraken.

Like the Riftworm, the Kraken was a naturally-occurring mega-creature that had evolved in the crimson deserts of Vasgar in Sera. In the post-Locust War era, legends of the Kraken's existence in Vasgar had attracted interest among Coalition of Ordered Governments scholars, such as Lenard Shiff.

During the Battle of Old Ephyra, it was slain by JACK using the Hammer of Dawn at the cost of his own life. It is unknown if there are more of these Krakens or whether the one that was fought was a unique specimen.


Appearance at OZP-11[]

The Kraken's maw

As the UIR had several Hammer of Dawn satellites prepared prior to the end of the war, Delta Squad was assigned to find the rocket containing the satellites and the firing beacons needed to home in on them. With the rocket prepared and beacons obtained, they fired the rocket and made their leave as it was launching off. The Kraken then emerged, attempting to crush the group and stop the rocket from being fired. Delta Squad managed to escape the platform by shooting the spiracles on its tentacles, which caused it to loosen its grip on the platform, though several Swarm Leeches were released as a result.

The Kraken's mass brought the platform down, and it attempted to ram its way in. Delta Squad managed to hold off its assault by shooting its tongues, and it feigned a retreat, only to attempt to ram its way in again. After being repulsed a second time, it rammed again, though one of its tentacles caused a hatch to fly loose. The rocket then ignited for takeoff, burning the Kraken and allowing Delta Squad to escape.


The flames did nothing to affect the Kraken, and the Swarm used it to spearhead their assault on Old Ephyra. It appeared to have killed Augustus Cole after severing his construction mech in half, although Cole managed to survive. All conventional COG weapons could not damage the beast, and it consumed several Onyx Guards with its tentacles as it neared the wall. Kait managed to slightly wound it by firing a charged railgun, ripping off one part of its beak. The Kraken then attempted to suck everything in, but this attempt was repulsed when its tonsils were damaged. Kait then attempted to have Baird use the Hammer of Dawn to level it, but he refused to do so as without beacons he would kill them and level half the city.

JACK, knowing that there was no other way to stop the massive beast, overrode Baird's firing controls and turned himself into a targeting beacon. Flying into the Kraken's maw, JACK fired the Hammer of Dawn with himself as the target, destroying the Kraken who suffered a direct hit from the weapon.

Behind the scenes[]


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