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"Get ready to move, Kilo!"
—Lt. Damon Baird leading the squad
Kilo Squad with Jack

Kilo Squad during the Destruction of Halvo Bay.

Kilo Squad was a Coalition of Ordered Governments army infantry squad in the 4th Ephyra Light Infantry. It was composed of four Gears, most notably Augustus Cole and Damon Baird.

Squad HistoryEdit

Locust WarEdit

Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

Led by Lieutenant Damon Baird, Kilo Squad were assigned to defend Halvo Bay during its destruction. After encountering General Karn, Kilo decided to launch the Lightmass Missile against orders in an attempt to kill Karn. They retrieved the targeting beacon and launch codes, activated the missile and got the beacon into place before being threatened with execution if they fired the weapon. Knowing that everyone in Halvo Bay would die if they didn't and that Karn had to die, the squad decided to disobey orders and Baird fired the Lightmass Missile, destroying the city's museum and killing hundreds of Locust including, presumably, Karn. As promised, Colonel Ezra Loomis placed Kilo on trial, conducting it even amid Locust attacks, but before he could execute the squad, Locust breached the courtroom. Kilo and Loomis fled and ended up facing Karn, who had somehow survived. Together, Kilo and Loomis killed Karn's mount, Shibboleth, and brought the Locust general down. After killing Karn, Loomis dropped the charges against the squad for their actions but demoted Baird to Private.

Hammer of Dawn CounterattackEdit

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Scouting South of JacintoEdit

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Known MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit


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