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The Kestrel was a fully-automated attack drone helicopter employed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. It was designed to provide air support for DeeBees, and was armed with two frontal machine guns and a missile launcher. Damaging the Kestrel's engines would lead to the aircraft's destruction. They were capable of carrying a single drop pod.


The Kestrel was designed and introduced into the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps some time after the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic between 17 A.E. and 42 A.E.

Outsider Movement[]

Battle of Fort Umson[]

After JD Fenix, Delmont Walker, Oscar Diaz and Kait Diaz returned to Fort Umson with a stolen Fabricator, First Minister Mina Jinn launched an attack on their village under the mistaken belief that the Outsiders were taking her people. Before the attack commenced, Jinn had a Kestrel launch a drop pod containing her Command Bot so that she could talk to Reyna Diaz directly. After Reyna destroyed Jinn's Command Bot, the Kestrel moved to attack, but Reyna had Gary Carmine shoot it down.[1]

Assault on the Stroud Estate[]

After JD, Kait and Del retreated to the Stroud Estate, Jinn launched an assault on the estate to get them. When the three and Marcus Fenix retreated into the main house, Jinn used a Kestrel to blow up Marcus' truck and attack the house directly but the four managed to shoot it down. The Kestrel crashed into the house, setting it on fire.[2]

Later, as the foursome crossed a bridge, a second Kestrel blew it up and fought the group in a dry riverbed along with some DeeBees. Again, the Kestrel was shot down without anyone getting harmed.[3]

When the group reached the estate's barn, a third Kestrel was amongst the forces to surround the barn. Broadcasting from the Kestrel's speakers, Jinn demanded their surrender, believing that she had JD, Del, Kait and Marcus cornered. However, to her shock and anger, they escaped on two Track Mules that Marcus had stored in the barn. The Kestrel chased the Track Mules, bombing a cliffside in an attempt to kill them at one point. Armed with an Enforcer, Marcus shot at and damaged the Kestrel until it eventually crashed into a mountainside.[4]

Swarm Invasion[]

Mission to South Village[]

Two Kestrels took part in the Mission to South Village at first escorting Delta Squad's King Raven Mark 2 and then strafing the plateau as the King Raven broke away.[5]

Kadar Valley[]

While searching for answers at Mount Kadar, Kait and Del investigated the the crash sites of three Condors which had been brought down by Windflares in Kadar Valley. At the only one not infested by the Swarm, the two discovered that the DeeBees were cut off from command and so didn't recognize them as friendlies. After the DeeBees were cleared out, a Kestrel rose from behind a cliff and attacked as well, but the two managed to shoot it down. Before it was destroyed, the Kestrel inadvertently blasted a path out for Kait and Del.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Kestrels can appear in boss waves in Horde 3.0.
  • In a cutscene, Gary Carmine was able to destroy a Kestrel by firing a burst at its main rotor with a Troika, though attempting this with a turret in-game won't have the same outcome.



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