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"Civilization is the silk coat on the back of the beast, easily torn away by the first cold wind."
Kashkuri proverb

Kashkur was a COG nation that was located in the Eastern Central Massif that bordered neutral Vasgar, along with Emgazi, Furlin, and Tyrus. Kashkur had a history of mining silver until most of the mines were depleted by the locals. The silver had a major impact on the country's culture, leading to its Silver Era architecture. Kashkur was of major military importance to the COG, since it held 1/5th of Sera’s Imulsion supply.[1]


Early History[]

Kashkur's southern area had a history of wars, with fighting happening for control of the silver mines. At some point, Anvil Gate was built on top of a rock in the city of Anvegad, and it never fell to a foreign invasion. It would later be garrisoned by the COG. Kashkur's western border was the frontline in the Pendulum Wars while the southern border with Vasgar was defended by Anvil Gate. The southern border was viewed as the quiet war, since no Indie soldiers were stationed inside Vasgar due to her neutrality.

Pendulum Wars[]

The western Kashkur border was one of the many fronts in the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars. The UIR was able to take over Vasgar and open up a southern front for the COG, threatening one of Sera’s longest Imulsion reserves. The Gears at Forward Operating Base Tyro prepared for a Furlin army to attack Shavad, while Captain Fenix planned to shut down the pipeline heading into Vasgar with three infantry platoons and three teams of engineers.

Lambent Pandemic[]

During the Lambent Pandemic, a group of Gears fought against Lambent and Locust forces at Anvil Gate.[2]

Notable Kashkuri[]

Notable Cities[]

Notable Regions[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Based on the names of Kashkur's cities and people, the landscape of Kashkur, and the ethnicity of Samantha Byrne - it is likely that Kaskhur is based on South Asian countries, namely India.