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Kadar Valley

The Kadar Valley was a region in Northern Tyrus and several hours away from the site of the Riftworm Village. The valley hosted the Coalition of Ordered Governments' research lab which was the New Hope Research Facility in the guise of "Jameson Shipping Depot" during the early years of the Pendulum Wars and the Mount Kadar Laboratory which was funded and built by the secret supporters of Dr. Niles Samson's work who disagreed with Chairman Monroe's decision to shut New Hope down.[1]


The Kadar Valley was first developed by Tyrus during the country's early industrialization in the Era of Silence. The growth of manufacturing in the nearby Tyra Valley required vast amounts of natural resources which the Kadar Valley was rich in. Nethercut Mining established a mine and lumber yard in the region which were serviced by a highway and rail line. During the Pendulum Wars, the Valley was highly valued for its minerals needed for the war effort. Near the end of the Pendulum Wars, Nethercut Mining was nationalized by the government of Tyrus to keep up production quotas needed to produce war materials to fight the UIR.

Due to its remoteness, the Valley was an optimal location for the COG to establish the New Hope Research Facility under the direction of Chairman Munroe. However, due to details of the facility's unethical experiments leaking to the public, New Hope was promptly shut down. However, a Shadow Government within the COG which sought to continue New Hope's research into possible biological super weapons and relocated operations to a backup facility located directly beneath Mount Kadar. Some time after its establishment, the facility was destroyed when it inmates (the Locust) rebelled and escaped, killing almost everyone inside. The COG Shadow Government covered up all knowledge of the laboratory.

The Kadar Valley was largely depopulated during the Locust War due to the collapse of the Tyran economy and survivors fleeing to remaining safe cities. A few Stranded found their way into the outer level of the New Hope Facility, but left or were killed when the building was infested by Wretches. The Valley became the focus of Operation Hollow Storm in Frost of 14AE when Delta Squad was assigned with retrieving intel on the location of the Locust City of Nexus from New Hope. Delta Squad retrieved the intel and left under heavy fire from the Locust, using an abandoned logging road to reach the entrance to Nexus at Mount Kadar.

With Nexus being revealed to being near the Kadar Valley, a vast contingent of Gears intended for the second wave of Operation Hollow Storm were deployed to the area. Assault Dereks and trains brought in hundreds of grind lifts to send the Gears into Nexus to severely disrupt the capital of the Locust Horde. Much of the equipment was abandoned when the Gears were evacuated shortly before the Sinking of Jacinto and the flooding of Nexus.

For 25 years after the Locust War, the Kadar Valley remained almost completely depopulated. The new COG Government erected a number of barriers in the region to deter travelers or Outsiders from discovering New Hope. The region's distance from COG Cities and Settlements as well as Outsider Villages, as well as its difficult topography and harsh climate, particularly in the winter, prevented the general public from learning about the region's nefarious history. A few scattered Outsider groups ventured into the Valley during the Swarm Invasion, taking shelter in abandoned COG facilities and unfortunately succumbing to Swarm and other elements. A small COG team would investigate the Valley and learn valuable information about the Swarm's origins and how to defeat them.


Kadar Valley map