"Delta, this is KR Zero-Three. My bird's intact, but my crew's down. I need a hand."
—The pilot of KR Zero-Three to Marcus Fenix

KR Zero-Three was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that was stationed on Azura during the Lambent Pandemic and escaped the island, along with KR Zero-One, when the Locust captured the island.


KR Zero-One&Three

KR Zero-Three making another pass around the Sovereign while KR Zero-One tries to land

Battle of AzuraEdit

When the Locust located and attacked Azura, KR Zero-Three spotted a massive Locust fleet of gunboats and Gas Barges heading for the island from the south. The pilot contacted Chairman Richard Prescott and asked if they should evacuate him. Prescott refused to be evacuated, but was eventually forced to leave as the Locust overran the island. Zero-Three was among the few Coalition of Ordered Government units that survived the battle, and flew with KR Zero-One to find the CNV Sovereign and alert them of the returned Locust threat.[3]

KR Zero-Three Doomed

KR Zero-Three being grabbed by the Lambent Leviathan

Attack on the SovereignEdit

After finding the CNV Sovereign, KR Zero-Three landed in one of the docking bays. When the Lambent attacked the Sovereign, Zero-Three became stuck in the flight bay when the flight deck controller was killed and Lambent Drones entered the deck. The crew of the ship was killed, but the pilot managed to contact Sgt. Marcus Fenix and ask for assistance. Delta-One arrived and cleared the bay of Lambent, and Marcus told the pilot to get ready for take off, but a Lambent Leviathan then attacked the ship. One of the Leviathan's tentacles reached into the bay and grabbed KR Zero-Three, killing the pilot and dragging the Raven out of the bay and into the ocean.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit



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