"KR Zero-Six on task, Fenix. We'll lay down fire for ya."
—The pilot of KR Zero-Six to Sgt. Marcus Fenix

KR Zero-Six was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that took part in the Second Battle of Azura, where it was shot down by a Siegebeast.



KR Zero-Six being destroyed by a Locust Siegebeast.

Second Battle of AzuraEdit

"Goddamn, lookout! Catapult!"
—The last words of KR Zero-Six's pilot

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, when the Coalition of Ordered Governments began its assault to retake the island of Azura, KR Zero-Six was tasked with providing covering fire to Delta-One as it moved along a cliffside path. Zero-Six's pilot informed Sgt. Marcus Fenix of their task, and flew above them as the Gears began their assault. The pilot and gunner kept an eye out for flanking Locust, and when they spotted some to the left of the squad, the pilot moved to engage them and let Marcus know. Zero-Six helped Delta cut down dozens of Locust, but as they reached a balcony built into the cliffside, they informed Delta that there were Gas Barges incoming. They then spotted a Siegebeast, and the pilot attempted to fly his Raven out of reach, but they were hit by a bomb from the catapult that sent the Raven spinning out of control and into the ocean.[3]

Known CrewEdit

  • Unidentified Male Pilot: This pilot was killed during the Second Battle of Azura when KR Zero-Six was shot down by a Siegebeast.



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