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"All targets neutralized. KR Three-Three returning to ship."
Eldon Rorry, reporting the death of six Boomers

KR Three-Three was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that took part in the Battle of Vectes and the Battle of Pelruan. It was piloted by Eldon Rorry, with Dav Braley as a gunner.


Flying Patrol[]

Six weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto City,[3] KR Three-Three flew patrol alongside KR Eight-Zero over Port Farrall. The two Ravens spotted a Corpser and a group of Boomers. Three-Three took out the Boomers, while Eight-Zero killed the Corpser. Both Ravens then returned to base.[4]

Battle of Vectes[]

During the Battle of Vectes, KR Three-Three was used to airlift wounded Gears to the infirmary at Vectes Naval Base.[5]

Battle of Pelruan[]

When a Lambent Leviathan attacked Pelruan, KR Three-Three responded to provide covering fire. However, the Leviathan shot Polyps at Three-Three which hit it and exploded, destroying the Raven and killing Rorry and Braley.[6]



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