KR Three-Seven was a King Raven unit that took part in the assault on the Tollen Dam Swarm Hive in 42 A.E.


KR Three-Seven was piloted by Samantha Byrne and accompanied Damon Baird and Augustus Cole to Speyer to support Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix, Kait Diaz, and Delmont Walker with DB Industries mech suits.[3]

KR Three-Seven provided air support for JD and Kait as they piloted the mech suits through the Swarm-occupied ruins of the Tollen town center en route to Tollen Dam.[4] Upon reaching the defunct dam's depleted reservoir, the group found the entrance to the Swarm nest guarded by a massive Swarm creature. While JD and Kait used their mechs to disable and sever the creature's tentacles, KR Three-Seven fired missiles into the resulting wounds, inflicting severe damage. The creature then launched several Cankers from its chest cavity, two of which struck KR Three-Seven and forced it down. Its passengers escaped before the damaged helicopter tumbled down a cliff, coming to rest on the floor of the reservoir.[5]

JD ripped out the King Raven's main rotor mechanism and used it as a makeshift shield against the creature's projectiles, allowing him to approach it and sever its legs. With the creature disabled, JD shoved the rotor through the creature's head, killing it.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Unlike most Ravens, KR Three-Seven's side-mounted Chain Guns are mounted further back in the crew bay.
  • KR Seven-Three can be seen on the Gears of War 4 multiplayer map Glory, located at the Raven Spawn.



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