"KR Six-Seven to Chancellor, confirmed, it's an upturned hull."
—The pilot of KR Six-Seven, upon finding the debris of the Harvest

KR Six-Seven was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that helped search for a missing fishing boat off the coast of Vectes.


Search for the HarvestEdit

Nine weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto,[3] KR Six-Seven helped search for a missing fishing boat, the Harvest. Six-Seven's pilot spotted debris, and directed the patrol boat CNV Chancellor to their location. They discovered it was the destroyed wreck of the Harvest, and determined it had been attacked by Stranded. The chances of finding survivors was close to zero, but Six-Seven decided to stay and search longer.[4]

Assisting the Clement and ZephyrEdit

"Clement to KR Six-Seven, unknown biologic approximately ten kilometers south of you."
—The CNV Clement to KR Six-Seven

Several weeks later, KR Six-Seven assisted the CNV Clement and the Zephyr in a sonar screen to detect incoming Lambent. They detected a Leviathan approaching the island and alerted Command.[5]



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