"KR Seven-Seven, six Reavers, inbound, bearing two-seven-zero, range five kilometers."
—The pilot of KR Seven-Seven, reporting to Anya Stroud

KR Seven-Seven was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that scouted around Wrightman Base.


Covering the CICEdit

Thirteen years after Emergence Day, KR Seven-Seven was patrolling around Wrightman Base when the Locust launched an assault near the base. Seven-Seven's pilot spotted six Reavers approaching from the west, and reported to the CIC that they were inbound on the base as the defensive AA guns opened fire on them. Lt. Anya Stroud thanked the pilot for the information, and began directing it and the other units to deal with the Reavers.[3]



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