"Nine-Six here, Gettner. We're south of Shenko Falls, hanging around for the sappers."
—Lt. Rothesay to Major Gill Gettner

KR Nine-Six was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that performed a scouting mission over the Cressy Escarpment. It was piloted by Lt. Rothesay, with Cpl. Charlie Castilla as the crew chief.


Scouting Over the Cressy EscarpmentEdit

Ten years after Emergence Day, KR Nine-Six was dispatched along with several other King Ravens to patrol over the Cressy Escarpment, near the border of the Jacinto Plateau, after the nearby city of Estana was sacked by the Locust. When word of approaching Locust forces reached Lt. Rothesay, he flew Bravo Squad to extract a team of 3rd Ephyran Engineers from a tunnel at the Shenko Falls that they were trying to collapse. As the Gears convinced Cpt. Shaw to extract his team, Cpl. Charlie Castilla covered them with the Chain Gun in the crew bay. When Locust began to attack the work site, Castilla opened fire on the Drones as the engineers rushed into the crew bay. When Shaw fell into the pit the engineers had been filling with cement, Rothesay positioned Nine-Six over him to let Sgt. Marcus Fenix try and rescue him using the Raven's winch. The attempt failed, and Nine-Six flew back to Ephyra before more Locust arrived, dropping Marcus off at Hadlane Hall before returning to base.[3]



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