KR Four-Two was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that flew Chairman Richard Prescott on his inspection of an area hit by the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, and participated in the Lightmass Offensive.


Viewing DevastationEdit

Twelve days after the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, KR Four-Two flew Chairman Richard Prescott and Dr. Adam Fenix over an area hit by the attack four hundred kilometers west of Ephyra. It then ferried them back to the city.[3]

Lightmass OffensiveEdit


KR Four-Two evacuating Marcus from the Tyro Pillar.

Thirteen years later, during the Lightmass Offensive, KR Four-Two, with Col. Victor Hoffman on-board, picked up Pvt. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole from Timgad Station. It eventually caught up with the Tyro Pillar, assisting Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago in defeating General RAAM. Once RAAM was defeated, Four-Two evacuated Dom from the train, and once Marcus uploaded the targeting data into the Lightmass Bomb, he was also evacuated from the train.[4]



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