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"Here we are... welcome to Fucked."
—Jonboy to Delta-One when they arrived at Fucked

Jonboy was a Stranded spotter who lived in the Stranded camp of Fucked.


Jonboy welcomes Delta-One to Fucked.

Living in Fucked[]

"Remember, soldier... We call this place 'Fucked' for a reason."
—Jonboy to Marcus, who opposed to taking Lily with them at first

Jonboy lived in the Stranded camp of Fucked. He was on guard duty one night when Delta-One came across him. Sgt. Marcus Fenix asked him the best way to get to Montevado, and he told them that they needed a vehicle to reach it. He led them back to the camp, and told them about a group of Locust who attacked their camp every once in a while. He offered to give them a vehicle if they would kill the Locust. After they succeeded, he showed them the vehicle, a Junker. Cpl. Jace Stratton noticed the little girl Lily, and wanted to get her out of there. Marcus opposed at first, but Jonboy recommended taking her out of there.[1]


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