Adjutant General John Clement was the superintendent of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Military Academy in New Ephyra, Tyrus in the post-Locust War era.


Clement sent a letter to James Dominic Fenix, commending him on being selected for the COG's officer program, but suggested that James give serious thought as to whether the mental readjustments of military life are for him. He authorized James to report to COG Military Academy in New Ephyra by no later than 0800 hours on the 1st of Bounty.[1]

Documents by John ClementEdit

COG Military Academy Acceptance LetterEdit

Coalition of Ordered Governments Military Academy
Office of the Adjutant General
New Ephyra, Tyrus

Mr. James Dominic Fenix Stroud Estate Hand-delivered

Dear James, You are authorized to report to the COG Military Academy, New Ephyra, on 1 Bounty of this year, by no later than 0800 hrs Standard Tyran Time.

You are to be commended for having been selected for the COG's officer program, which will challenge you physically, intellectually, and emotionally. I therefore suggest you give serious thought to what you are about to endure. Military life is not for everyone, as it will require a series of severe mental readjustments. Your father, I suspect, may have something to say on this subject.

Nonetheless, all of us here hope you will accept this commission to serve the COG to the best and fullest of your ability. I am.

Yours sincerely, John Clement Adjutant General Coalition of Ordered Governments



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