"The Grubs hit Jilane hard. The Garrison was overun and the C.O. ordered his men to abandon the evac op."
—Alex, on the Massacre

The Jilane Massacre or First Battle of Jilane was a major military defeat for the Coalition when they lost the Jilane Farms. Jilane was a COG controlled city not far from Jacinto. The commanding officer of Jilane knew he stood no chance of holding out against such large numbers of Locust and so gave the order to withdraw. An evacuation operation began; however it had to be abandoned due to the rate at which the Locust Horde was taking the city. The birthing farm was abandoned and its inhabitants left to die. It was the right call according to doctrine; however, many thought it was the wrong call.

Order of BattleEdit


Jilane under siege.

Locust AssaultEdit

With Locust forces advancing throughout COG territory, the city of Jilane was no exception. Faced with an overwhelming force, with an overwhelming Locust army including Brumaks laying siege to the city,[2] the local Gear C.O. left the city to its fate, along with all the women and children in the breeding farms. This action lead to the massacre of the city's population.

Jilane MassacreEdit

With no Gears in the city, the farms were left defenseless and the women and children were left to fend for themselves. Whole sections of the hospital wards were left filled with dead patients.[1] Some of the surviving women formed the Grievous Bodily Love and were able to holdout against the Locust. They were unwilling to rejoin the COG, deciding to remain independent, until a crazy woman sent out a signal attracting both the Horde and COG.[1]


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