"Me, Uncle Hoffman sah! All on my own! See, father?"
—Jasi, showing off the goat he killed hunting to Hoffman and his father

Jasi was a Pesanga child who lived at Anvegad.


Hunting With BernieEdit

Five months after Anvegad was reoccupied, Jasi went out hunting with Sgt. Bernadette Mataki and her dog Mac. They found a herd of goats, and Bernie had Jasi pick a goat to shoot, and gave him advice on how to fire. He killed one of the goats and celebrated, and Bernie congratulated him on his nice shot. After they retrieved the carcass, they began heading back to the fort, and Jasi asked Bernie if they could go hunting again the next day. Bernie told him they would have to keep their food supply high, and Jasi asked if they were doing okay there. Bernie told him it was harder than surviving on Vectes, but that it was good without Locust or Lambent. As they entered the fort, Jasi asked why it was called Anvil Gate. Bernie explained to him that the Coalition of Ordered Governments had been unable to cope with a fort named Anvegad, and Jasi asked what it meant. She told him it meant "keyhole", and that it guarded the entrance to Kashkur and that no one had ever gotten past it. They found Col. Victor Hoffman and Jasi's father shoveling snow, and Jasi showed off his kill to them. Bernie handed the goat over to Jasi's father, and he headed off with him to learn how to chop it up.[1]


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