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The Jacinto Medical Center, more commonly known as Jacinto Med, was one of the many hospitals in Jacinto City, located in the heart of Sector 4. The hospital ran a fleet of ambulances.[1]


Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

On Emergence Day, the hospital was overwhelmed with wounded.[2]

Rustlung Epidemic[]

After the Lightmass Offensive, the vaporized Imulsion started infecting unknown amounts of Gears, civilians and Stranded. Several rooms in Jacinto Med were dictated for housing the patients. While the COG and some doctors tried downplaying the diseased, several rooms were deemed with a warning label "DANGER CONTAMINATION KEEP AWAY."[3] The hospital held patients that had Rustlung, as well as many wounded soldiers. It was located near Cooper Street and Pomeroy Depot, where many casualties came from.[1]

Siege of Jacinto[]

During the Siege of Jacinto, the hospital was raided by the Locust. The first of the Locust were killed with relative ease due to a trap using explosive tanks and a large number of Gears in the building. Delta-One and several other Gear squads then forced the rest of the Locust from the building and areas around the hospital. It was actually quite far into COG controlled area, which should have made it safe, but the Locust were pushing harder than normal. The hospital took heavy damage during the raid,[4] and was eventually destroyed along with the rest of Jacinto after the flooding.[5]


Jacinto Med was evacuated during the Sinking of Jacinto City, with the patients and personnel being transferred to the CNV Unity.[6] Jacinto Med was then destroyed when Sgt. Marcus Fenix fired the Hammer of Dawn on a Lambent Brumak beneath Jacinto City. The explosion from the Lambent Brumak's death caused the city to sink underground. The walls of the plateau then collapsed, allowing the surrounding seawater to flood the ruined city.

Known Areas/Departments[]

  • Ambulance Bay
  • Cafeteria
  • Cardiology
  • Examination
  • Intensive Care
    • Intensive Care A
  • Laboratory Services
  • Main Lobby
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
  • Reception
  • Recovery Room 1
  • Recovery Room 2
  • Registration
  • Scrub Room
  • Surgery
    • Surgery A
    • Surgery B
  • Triage
  • Wards 1-3
  • Waiting Room

Known Employees[]


Front Entrance[]

Main Lobby[]



Recovery Room[]



Waiting Room[]


Emergency Entrance[]


Parking Garage[]


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