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The Interwar Period spanned the 25 years between the end of the Locust War in 17 A.E. and the onset of the Swarm War in 42 A.E. It was a time of reconstruction, reclamation, and relative peace, as Sera's surviving humans sought to rebuild after decades of bloody warfare and tremendous hardship, and the planet's environment was finally given the opportunity to begin healing after the ravages of the Hammer of Dawn Strikes and the Lambent Pandemic.

By 22 A.E., humanity had begun to coalesce into two main factions: the restored Coalition of Ordered Governments, based out of the nascent city of New Ephyra in Tyrus, and the Outsiders, various loosely-affiliated survivalist groups made up of former Stranded and ex-COG personnel who sought to forge their own way of life in the Wilds. Despite simmering tensions between the two sides, the Outsider Movement never escalated beyond the occasional Outsider-led raid against a COG Settlement for supplies. While the Outsiders warily kept to their scattered villages and outposts, the COG was able to rapidly and extensively rebuild thanks to the establishment of DB Industries and the creation of the DeeBees, an automated workforce that allowed COG society to enter a post-labor era. DeeBees eventually began taking on police and military responsibilities as the COG sought to bolster the safety of every citizen in order to replenish the human population. Despite this time of unprecedented prosperity, not all COG citizens were content under the new regime, and civil unrest would lead to such events as the Settlement 2 Protest Massacre.

The Interwar Period came to an end in 42 A.E. with the emergence of the Swarm, the monstrous successors of the Locust Horde. COG First Minister Mina Jinn initially attributed the disappearance of multiple COG citizens to kidnappings by Outsiders, but Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix, Delmont Walker, and Kait Diaz discovered that the awakening Swarm were abducting humans to be converted into more Swarm. As the Swarm War began in earnest, COG and Outsiders were forced to set aside their differences and cooperate against a new nightmare.

Conflicts of the Interwar Period and Outsider Movement
42 A.E. Settlement 2 Protest Massacre · Raid on Settlement 5 · Battle of Fort Umson · Assault on the Stroud Estate · Mission to Fort Umson

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