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The Independent Republic of Furlin was a UIR nation that bordered neutral Vasgar in the Eastern Central Massif.


Pendulum Wars[]

Sending "peacekeepers to Vasgar"[]

When Vasgar, under the administration of president Ilim, failed to balance their budget and the Unity party threaten a vote of no confidence, the UIR, under Chairman Daniel Vari, ordered Furlin troops to occupy the nation for its “security” during the Vasgari constitutional crisis. Soon, Furlin troops attacked the COG nation of Kashkur from both the west and east in occupied Vasgar. The Furlin's Third Infantry captured the city of Oskeny without a fight and it sub units the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry laid siege to Anvil Gate, while other Furlin units attacked Shavad. The Furlin advanced made it far as Ragani.[1]

COG Invasion and the Last Days of the War[]

In the last year of the Pendulum Wars, the COG had invaded Furlin and had destroyed several cities, including the city of Ghato. The 26th Royal Tyran Infantry was based in occupied Tenla while Furlin troops tried to dislodge the COG from the region. But for the UIR, the war would not end in the Eastern Central Massif but off the coast of the Ostri Republic where the COG deployed the Hammer of Dawn and wiped out most of the UIR Third Fleet. Premier Yori Deschenko of the UIR would soon go into peace talks with the COG after the Hammer of Dawn was deployed, but some Furlin units believed that the peace talks was propaganda and continued fighting until they received word from their government that it was true.[2]

Known Military units[]

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