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"I used to have an account here... now look at the place."
—Pvt. Alicia Valera, after seeing the flaming interior of the bank

Ilima Savings and Trust during the evacuation.

Ilima Savings and Trust was a bank located in the financial district of Ilima, which fell under attack from Locust forces during the Evacuation of Ilima.


Evacuation of Ilima[]

During the evacuation of Ilima, Zeta-Six was ordered by Commander Walker to support a group of civilians and their Gear escort that were awaiting evac at the bank. However, when they arrived at the bank, their escort, Echo-Five, was under attack and had already lost two Gears. Zeta-Six managed to repel the attack, but the remaining members of Echo-Five were killed. Zeta-Six then moved inside the bank to secure the civilians. After unlocking the security gate to the vault, Zeta-Six was shocked to find the bodies of several civilians. Soon after, Zeta-Six came under attack by Wretches, though the Gears prevailed. Moving further into the bank, Zeta-Six encountered Flame Grenadiers and more Wretches. Emergence Holes soon opened up inside the bank, and more Flame Grenadiers entered the fray alongside Grenadier Elites. However, all were killed by the Gears. Afterwards, a survivor was heard calling for help. Zeta-Six found the survivor, a young Jace Stratton, and Cpl. Michael Barrick killed the four Wretches that were attempting to get at him.[1] After rescuing Jace, he said that him and the other survivors tried to escape out the back of the bank, but he got trapped. Jace was successfully evacuated, but no other survivors were found inside the bank.[2]

Battle of Ilima[]

Despite not making an appearance in the battle, it is likely that the bank, along with the rest of the city, was destroyed when the Riftworm sunk the city.



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