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"Dammit. We couldn't even protect an evac point with kids in it."
—Cpl. Michael Barrick, upon seeing the bodies of kids in a classroom

The entrance to Ilima High School.

Ilima High School was a school in Ilima, which fell under attack from Locust forces during the Evacuation of Ilima. It was headed by Dr. Gregory Wisen, who, during the Locust invasion, sheltered people alongside the Coalition of Ordered Governments forces before it eventually fell to Locust forces.


Evacuation of Ilima[]

During the evacuation of Ilima, Zeta-Six was told by a young Jace Stratton that survivors (including Dr. Wisen) were there, and possibly awaiting evac, and on that word proceeded there.[1] However, upon arrival they found the school deserted with a large amount of Refugees dead; though they did hear the recordings of Dr. Wisen, alerting anyone to go to his office. However, they soon began hearing noises, which was soon revealed to be a Wretch which led to the team being attacked by a large amount of them. However, they prevailed and carried on. Upon arriving at his office, they discovered more Wretches and a recording urging people to head for the Gymnasium. After a long crawl through the school, fighting off Locust forces, Serapedes and vast amounts of Tickers, they arrived at the gym - only to discover Dr. Wisen was yet again gone, and was headed for his orphanage. But before leaving, the team encountered a Berserker which was killed when the team led it outside, and managed to burn it.[2]

Battle of Ilima[]

Despite not making an appearance in the battle, it is likely that the school, along with the rest of the city, was destroyed when the Riftworm sunk the city.



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