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"Got a plan?"
"Get inside City Hall. If the mobile command center is still online, then we can use it to bring down the Hammer.
—Cpl. Michael Barrick and Lt. Minh Young Kim, just before entering the courtyard of City Hall

The entrance to Ilima City Hall.

Ilima City Hall was the city hall of Ilima located in the downtown section of the city, and was placed on the Seran Register of Historic Places. It fell under attack from Locust forces during the Evacuation of Ilima.


Evacuation of Ilima[]

RAAM's Carnage[]

During the evacuation of Ilima, Alpha Squad had set up an evacuation checkpoint near City Hall, with Gears and defenses set up along the street. General RAAM, who had been ordered by Queen Myrrah to attack Ilima, alongside the Locust Elite, consisting of two Mauler Elites, a Theron Elite, and a Tremor, engaged the Gears, smashing through their defenses, which included Silverbacks and Onyx Guard reinforcements. The Tremor summoned several Seeders during the skirmish, allowing Nemacyst to ink the skies above the city for the coming Kryllstorm.[1]

Zeta's Hunt for Seeders[]

Zeta-Six, having searched for survivors at a bank and a school, attempted to contact Command to report in. However, the newly arrived Seeders meant that communications were jammed. Realizing this, the squad moved to locate and destroy the Seeders and reestablish communications with Command. Eventually following in the wake of RAAM's attack, Zeta split up and engaged Locust forces on the street. After defeating a Bloodmount and reinforcements from several Emergence Holes, the squad made their way around a roadblock to City Hall. Spotting Nemacyst above City Hall meant Seeders were nearby, so the squad opted to get inside the building and use the Mobile Command Center so that they could use the Hammer of Dawn on the Seeders.

Once inside the gates, Zeta defeated the Locust forces protecting City Hall, including Wretches. However, a Locust ambush lay in wait; Emergence Holes opened up in the courtyard and Smoke Grenades helped the Locust to scale the walls under the cover of smoke screens. Snipers, Grenadiers, a Boomer, Grinder, and Reavers joined Drones in engaging the Gear squad. Despite the Locust's tactics, the Gears prevailed, and moved inside City Hall. Once inside, more Locust forces, including Grenadiers, Grinders and Therons, ambushed Zeta inside the building. Defeating the Locust, Michael Barrick took control of the Mobile Command Center and brought down the Hammer on three Seeders outside City Hall. Locust reinforcements engaged the squad, but the Gears defeated them and moved outside to check if communications were reestablished. Minh Young Kim successfully contacted Commander Walker, informing her of their situation. Walker told them that the evacuation had been completed and was sending their last APC to pick them up. However, Kim told her that they were going to Dr. Gregory Wisen's orphanage, to which Walker eventually agreed to send along his request for evacuation there.[1]

Battle of Ilima[]

Despite not making an appearance in the battle, it is likely that the city hall, along with the rest of the city, was destroyed when the Riftworm sunk the city.



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