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The Hydra Missile Pod is one of the two primary weapons used by the Hydra for high ranking members of the Locust Horde. These weapons are used in conjunction with the Hydra Rocket Pod to create a formidable weapon system.

Ukkon's Hydra was the first known Hydra to use this weapon, the Hydra mounted by Myrrah and Skorge had a modified Missile Pod that is much more internal. In Skorge's chase to intercept Delta Squad, five missiles were launched in consecutive cycles and must be shot down by the Reaver's Troika.[1]

The Missile Pod house six pre-loaded missiles for ground attacks and possible air-to-air combat. The missiles and the rocket pod are therefore used as a form of Locust airstrike.


The Hydra can use either its rocket or missile pods to launch four markers at the start of each turn. Despite the external differences, both the rocket and missile pod act the same in function. Like the Brumak Rocket Mortar, these markers act as a warning for Diaz's squad to evade the damage radius.

However, the smaller map and the addition of enemies complicates this strategy and makes the chances of getting hit much more likely. As such, micromanaging would be needed as one hit from either of these weapon pods could down a gear in one hit.

The weapon pods can be temporarily disabled, however it would be repaired in the following turn. So it is best to just conserve your turn damaging the Hydra's head.


Assassination of Ukkon[]

During their mission on the Assassination of Ukkon, Gabriel Diaz launched a surprised attack on Ukkon's base in Zenic Province. Ukkon was hit by the Cytostatic Gas Grenade and was forced to retreat into his lair where he made his Hydra operational.[2]

Gabriel Diaz's squad than have a intense battle against Ukkon, his Hydra and his reinforcements, with Ukkon trying desperately to use the Hydra's weapon pods to destroy Diaz. However, the small chamber housing his Hydra proved too small and Diaz's squad was able to bring down the beast and Ukkon with it.[3]



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