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The Locust Hunter Elites were more aggressive and deadly than the lower ranks of Hunters. Hunter Elites were masters in assassination and was considered a serious threat to COG high command. They also bear a strong resemblance to Grenadiers but are seen as more of a threat in battle.

They wore one of the least amounts of armor in the entirey of the Locust Horde due to their already toughened hides acting as enough protection for these assassins.


Like their lower brethren, Hunter Elites were originally given Torque Bows to locate and hunt down very important humans such as military and civilian leaders.[1]

Eventually they were replaced by the Theron Guards early on in the Locust War and were given Gnasher Shotguns instead. Nevertheless, they themselves were replaced by Grenadiers.[2]


Behind the scenes[]

  • The Hunter Elite is very similar to the standard Grenadier. The only difference between the two is that the Hunter Elite is armored with a shoulder plate and the Grenadier is not.



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