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The Locust Hunter was an elite class of Drones that predated the Grenadier and was originally designed with the task of hunting down and killing certain Humans such as military and civilian leaders early on in the Locust War

Ergo, they were Locust assassins in all but name.


They were armed with the deadly Torque Bow on its right arm, and equipped with light armor. Designed to be easily spotted, the Hunter was developed to be the showcase for the deadly weapon, but it was eventually given to the Theron Guard.[1] They were identifiable by their horned-like helmets.

Deprived of its main design purpose, the Locust Hunter was stripped of its original armor, and given a Gnasher Shotgun and several Frag Grenades, becoming the Grenadier seen in Gears of War.[2]

It is said that it was not included in the final game because of conflicts with animations.


Behind the scenes[]

  • It is possible that this class was the inspiration for the Swarm Hunter encountered in Gears of War 4, which also uses the Torque Bow.


  • The Locust Hunter is a playable character in Gears of War 3, unlocked at level 8.
  • A variant called the Golden Hunter was only unlockable by achieving a gold medal on all five primary starting weapons.


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