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"There's a lot of history here."
"Yeah, a lot of lies too.
—Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Lt. Minh Young Kim inside the House of Sovereigns.

The House of Sovereigns was the meeting place of the Council of Sovereigns and the capitol building of both the Tyran federal government and the Coalition of Ordered Governments. It also held the office of the Chairman and was the central command for the Military Branch. The House of Sovereigns was located on Embry Square in Ephyra, Tyrus as well as directly across from the Tomb of the Unknowns. The House served the Coalition's government and military during the Pendulum Wars and Locust War. The House of Sovereigns was attacked in the initial siege of the Locust War known as Emergence Day, but was quickly defended and secured. The House continued to be operated until Frost, 10 A.E., when the Locust Horde occupied Ephyra. The last known operation held within the House was the Trial of Marcus Fenix. The House of Sovereigns was then abandoned as the Coalition relocated to Jacinto City and used Wrightman Base as their new capitol building. The House of Sovereigns was then occupied by the Locust until 14 A.E., when both the Lightmass Offensive and Sinking of Jacinto City heavily damaged the building. After the Locust War ended in 17 A.E., humanity rebuilt their capital city of New Ephyra on the remains of the city and were in progress to renovate the House of Sovereigns. However, the House was completely destroyed in Frost, 42 A.E. during the Battle of Old Ephyra against the Swarm.


Pendulum Wars

Monroe Administration

In the early years of the Pendulum Wars, it became apparent to the Coalition of Ordered Governments that Imulsion had adverse health effects on humans, as numerous Imulsion townships and mining colonies began to be plagued with a new and fatal disease known as Rustlung. Miners of Imulsion and their families became infected from overexposure to Imulsion. Chairman Monroe, wanting to capitalize on Imulsion and not face reparations for its health effects, ordered the Department of Health to find a cure for Rustlung. The Coalition was eager to hide the infected and proof of Imulsion's health effects in order to remain a political and economic global superpower.

Chairman Monroe and the Department of Health then constructed the New Hope Research Facility in the wilderness of Kadar Valley, where the children of the infected miners were to be treated for Rustlung. Doctor Niles Samson, one of the greatest geneticists of the Coalition, was appointed to be the Director of the facility. Chairman Monroe then allowed Dr. Niles Samson complete control of the operation in order to find a treatment for Rustlung. However, still wanting to remain classified, the facility was disguised as a warehouse known as Jameson Shipping Depot. Chairman Monroe continued to lead the country and the Coalition in the war effort as the Pendulum Wars was intensifying. However, numerous leaks to the media were made regarding the New Hope Research Facility and the health effects of Imulsion. Unknown to Chairman Monroe, this had been done by various former employees of New Hope who had resigned. Chairman Monroe then finally received information from one of New Hope's guards, Pvt. Sid Redburn, that Dr. Niles Samson was not treating the children but rather imprisoning, torturing, and conducting unethical experiments on them and urged him to shut down the facility.

Chairman Monroe and the authorities investigated the New Hope Research Facility and witnessed the horrors done by Dr. Niles Samson, as the children had become victims of genetic experiments and turned into mutated creatures Dr. Samson referred to as the Sires. Dr. Niles Samson revealed that genetic engineering was not only the key to treating Rustlung, but to also evolve the human race into stronger and immortal one that could be used to end the Pendulum Wars. Chairman Monroe then issued Sovereign Directive 10345, ordering the facility and all of its activities to be shut down and to have Dr. Niles Samson and all of those involved to be brought to trial at the House of Sovereigns on 13th of Bloom that year.

However, Dr. Niles Samson and the majority of scientists involved disappeared. Investigating the New Hope Research Facility, many test subjects were missing as well. Dr. Niles Samson had fled to an undisclosed location to further his work, and implemented an semi-sentient, artificial intelligence security system in New Hope to protect the remaining Sires that were left in stasis. Chairman Monroe ordered a search for Dr. Niles Samson and the missing scientists and test subjects, but they were never found. Nearly all files on New Hope were destroyed, and a brief file on the facility was kept for the Chairman's eyes only and deemed classified. The file would be given to every succeeding Chairman with the specific orders to keep the facility contained.

Dalyell Administration

The House of Sovereigns was the heart of the COG where the Chairman ruled over the COG from and during the Pendulum Wars. Chairmans made their decisions from the House. In the last years of the Pendulum Wars, Chairman Tomas Dalyell held several high level meetings with agent Louise Settile and professor Adam Fenix, Director of Special Forces Major Victor Hoffman, along with General Jolyon Iver and Captain Quentin Michaelson of D-Flotilla, on the UIR winning the weapons race for satellite based weapons. Tomas ordered UIR technology to be stolen and used for the COG’s weapon project. Operation Leveler was successful and the award ceremony was held at the House of Sovereigns where the survivors of Aspho Fields where given medals ranging from the Embry Star to the Sovereigns Medal.[1][2] The media was invited to the event where newly promoted Colonel Hoffman embarrassed Chairman Dalyell for not awarding the Pesanga soldiers for not being conquered people.[3]

Chairman Tomas Dalyell with General Salaman and Adam Fenix.

After the Hammer of Dawn was successfully tested at the Garadaner Test Ranges and General Bardry Salaman wished to use the weapon on the UIR Third Fleet outside of Bonbourg, Adam Fenix asked that the UIR be given the option to surrender. The Chairman agreed and sent Premier Yori one final chance to surrender. The UIR refused and the Hammer of Dawn was used on the UIR fleet, destroying four vessels. Premier Yori soon called Chairman Dalyell and entered into peace talks.

Locust War

Dalyell Administration

Ephyra, like most of Sera, came under attack from the Locust Horde on Emergence Day. The House of Sovereigns became a rendezvous point for Colonel Hoffman and Lieutenant Anya Stroud to meet with Lieutenant Minh Young Kim and his squad. However, Hoffman's convoy came under immediate attack from the Locust as it arrived, though Kim and his squad were able to assist in defeating the Locust incursion. Anya, Hoffman and Kim then entered the House of Sovereigns while Kim's squad defended the entrance.[4]

One year after E-Day, Chairman Tomas Dalyell died of a heart attack in his office.

Prescott Administration

The Council of Sovereigns elected Deputy Chairman Richard Prescott to office after Dalyell's death, and the burden of fighting the Locust Horde and crippling COG was now on Richard’s shoulders. Prescott decided that the only way to win the war was a counterattack into Locust-held territory in southern Tyrus. All COG heads of states refused to send troops except the South Islands. Prescott decided to use the Hammer of Dawn in a planet wide attack. He informed his cabinet in his office before telling the public and enforced the Fortification Act.[5]

Fall of Ephyra

Ten years after E-Day, Ephyra fell to the Locust Horde due to Marcus Fenix abandoning his position and taking the targeting laser with him to try to save his father. The Locust would later occupy the city along with the House of Sovereigns.[6]

Lightmass Offensive

During the Lightmass Offensive, Delta-One battled their way into the House of Sovereigns to find Alpha Squad who had the Sonic Resonator to map the Locust tunnels. Delta-One battled their way into the front doors of the House of Sovereigns, taking out the Locust hard positions inside the house and losing Anthony Carmine. Delta Squad was able to find Augustus Cole and the resonator and battled their way out of the Sovereigns while taking out several Seeders. Delta-One then exited the House of Sovereigns and moved into the Tomb of the Unknowns.[6]

The House of Sovereigns was severely damaged by the seismic activity caused by the Riftworm in the months following the offensive.


Following the end of the Locust War, the reformed COG made efforts to protect the House of Sovereigns from further damage. By 42 A.E., DB Industries was placed in charge of the preservation effort and had shored up the foundations. A temporary training facility for DeeBees was erected just outside the building for the purpose of calibrating their combat subroutines for battle against the Swarm. Meanwhile, the House of Sovereigns had been replaced as the seat of the COG government by the Government House building in New Ephyra. Government House was built on a prominent hill at New Ephyra's center, and was visible over the city's defensive wall from the House of Sovereigns.[7]

Swarm Invasion

Battle of Old Ephyra


Concept art of the House of Sovereigns main chamber for the original Gears of War

The House of Sovereigns contained many important historical pieces for the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Scattered throughout the building were display cases housing various medals and old weapons. Most of the medals and weapons had some of Alexiy Desipich's eight principles engraved on them. The building also contained many portraits that hung on the walls. These portraits were of important individuals to the COG like; Allfathers, Chairmen, high-ranking officers, distinguished soldiers and honoured individuals.

The building was also known for its extravagant assembly chamber and courtroom, a large circular room with many raised seats circling around the entire room. In the centre of the room was a large table with Alexiy Desipich's eight guiding principles. Surrounding the room on the same level as the seats were eight large stone statues, each representing one of the eight guiding principles; Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility.[8]

Portrait Gallery

The following portraits adorned the walls of the House of Sovereigns.


Behind the scenes

  • The CNV Sovereign is named after the House of Sovereigns.
  • The House of Sovereigns is based off the Ancient Roman senate and its forums.[9]


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