The Horse Wagon is an ancient form of manually powered land vehicles used in pre-industrial societies. Wagons could be found since the dawn of ancient Seran civilization as well as ancient events such as the Age of Armageddon.

The Horse Wagon in particular, is pulled by either one or two Horses. The Wagon was wide enough to carry two front seats, the driver and the passenger, as well as enough internal storage to house a large number of goods or people for either trade or transportation respectively.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-History/Age of Armageddon[edit | edit source]

Animal-driven Wagons were once the most dominant form of land transportation in the early development of Seran society. Wagons along with other manual-driven vehicles such as Carts, Carriages and Rickshaws was considered the normal vehicular machine to ferry goods, peoples and resources.

Eventually, manual-driven vehicles became obsolete and were quickly phased out during either the Age of Armageddon or the Era of Silence, when Sera saw the birth of its industrial revolution and the introduction of energy-powered vehicles such as automobiles and trucks which were able to carry far heavier loads at a faster speed, without strict maintenance over the transport animals' health and well-being.

Swarm War[edit | edit source]

After the devastation of the Locust War, certain groups of people called the Outsiders, have rejected the governmental rule of all governments including the restored COG. The rejection of authority also includes the rejection of the heavy-energy consuming economies that plunged the world into the Pendulum Wars.

Instead, the Outsiders utilized renewable energy such as wind power, geothermal vents and the return of manual-driven vehicles such as the Horse Wagon.

During the beginning of the Swarm War, Oscar's Horse Wagon (pulled by Chuzz and Ugly) have transported Kait Diaz, JD and Del to a mission to steal the COG's Fabricator. [1] The team managed to successfully evade the COG's response and drove away from the Settlement on the Horse Wagon back to Kait's Outsider base.[2]

Oscar's Horse Wagon and Chuzz was found once again, stored in a Horse stable within the Riftworm Village. It is unknown what happened to the fate of the Wagon and the Horses after the Siege of Riftworm Village. [3]

References[edit | edit source]

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