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Horses[1] were a species of hoofed mammals native to the surface of Sera.


A child's plush horse toy

Horses were imposing quadrupeds with a pair of distinctive horns on their heads. Male horses were called "stags", while females were called "mares".

The humans of Sera bred and raised horses for generations. After the end of the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic, some Outsiders in Tyrus obtained horses and used them as draft animals.[2]

Some breed of Horses like those of Chuzz' grew to have large and impressive horns used for both display, competition fighting and weapons to fend off predators.

A number of horses were kept by Fort Umson and Riftworm Village.

Notable Horses[]


Behind the Scenes[]

  • These Horses may have been modeled after the Shire, the largest Horse breed in the real-world.


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